Online casino game problems are more common than most people think and being addicted to gambling is also not something that is visible on the outside. It is therefore incredibly important that there are aids and information on how to prevent gambling problems. We take our responsibility by highlighting warning signs and informing about how to prevent problematic gambling. We explain all the tools you can use, and we refer you to different support organizations you can contact for help.

Thanks to the online casino gambling license, there are today several tools that should be helpful in the prevention of gambling problems. Online casino game restrictions all new players at online casinos game need to set game limits before they start playing (deposit limit, loss limit, time limit). This means that you cannot play for more than you think you can afford or have time for. It is available 24/7 for those who wish to withdraw from playing at the casino for any reason. If a game account is paused via game pause, it is not possible to reopen the account before the time has passed.

The break applies to all online casinos game and not just to the gaming site you played on when you chose to take a break. Self-test: if you are worried that you are at risk of developing gambling problems, you can do a self-test via the helpline. The support line is there to support you with gambling problems, but also for relatives of people who suffer from gambling problems. Clear overview of game history: all online casino gaming sites must, according to requirements from the casino gaming authority, be able to clearly report the activity of all players.

When we review online casinos, responsible gambling is one of the most important points. We review what different casinos do to counteract and prevent gambling problems when we review them. Responsible gambling is, in our opinion, one of the most important aspects of casino, regardless of whether you prefer to play lotto or slots. This is due to the great risk of being able to develop an addiction to gambling at the casino, and we therefore take this very seriously. By having an overview of your games, you can more easily see how much time and money you spend on your gaming.