The disadvantage of wager-free bonuses is that there are often small amounts offered, which may not be enough to play with for a long time. Large bonuses where the casino offers several thousand can feel much more enticing, however, you usually get to convert both the bonus and the deposit. The advantage is that you have a large amount to play with that lasts for a while, and the disadvantage is that you cannot withdraw any money until you have converted both deposit and bonus 20-70 times.

It is not easy to guess in general what the forecast for bonuses will look like for online casinos in 2023. As we sit here speculating about what bonuses will be like next year, we feel like the weather forecasters on tv. The funny thing is that there is no other profession in the entire world that can get away with being 100% wrong about their expertise like meteorologists.

Maybe it’s not so bad for our profession because it’s people who rule the casino industry and not the unreliable forces of the weather. There are actually certain trends in the casino industry that most online casinos follow and therefore you can predict the future to a certain extent. The trend that we see right now at online casino is that the larger established gambling companies offer large bonuses while the newer casinos keep their low bonuses that they had during the pandemic.

Ever since the authorities loosened the strict restrictions on bonuses that prevailed during the pandemic, the trend has been that more and more casinos have started to offer bigger bonuses. Many thought that the bonuses would be as before immediately when the restrictions disappeared, but that has not been the case. Our forecast for the coming year is that casinos will come up with new exciting and inventive – and bigger – bonuses in the coming years.

The best way to choose a bonus is to go by gut feeling, the casino bonus feels just right and you feel that you have good vibes from choosing the bonus you found, then you should choose it. However, if you are unsure and feel that it is risky after reading the bonus terms and conditions, we advise against choosing the bonus.

If you want a bonus that is completely risk-free, then you should choose a bonus without a wagering requirement or one that has a 1x wagering requirement. But the most important thing is that it feels right and fun when you play. You are much more likely to win if you have fun playing than if you play for money.