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Let It Ride

Let it Ride is an exciting casino game developed by Shuffle Master. It has enjoyed tremendous popularity in casinos throughout the country because of these unique playing features:

It is easy an easy game to play and it is based on all games of poker. Players do not compete against each other or for that matter against the dealer. It is the only casino game where a player can remove up to two-thirds of his initial bet if he doesn’t think his hand will win.

The objective of the game is to end up with a five-card poker hand of at least a pair of tens or higher. If you do, you will win and the payoff depends upon the ranking of the hand. The higher the rank, the greater the payoff, up to 1000 to 1 for the royal flush.

The game is played on a blackjack size table with room for up to seven players. At the start of each game, each player must make 3 bets in 3 different betting circles or spots marked “1”, “2”, and “$”. The fact that you must wager at least 3 times the table minimum on each hand is in itself quite unique compared to other table games. For example, if the table minimum is $5, you start each hand with a $15 bet. Even though you’ve wagered $15, you will see that you have the opportunity to remove or take down up to two of the initial three bets (up to $10).

Each player examines his initial 3 cards and based on the strength of the hand or potential to end up with at least a pair of 10s or higher, the player must decide to let the bet in his #1 spot ride or take it down.

After this, the dealer will face one of the community cards. This becomes the 4th card for each player. Each player must decide based on the strength of the four cards whether to let the #2 bet ride or take it down.

After this, another round of community cards takes place. So now, you have 5 card hands. If your five-card poker hand doesn’t contain at least a pair of 10s or higher, you lose the bet, otherwise, you win the amount listed in the payoff schedule depending upon the rank of the poker hand. It should be fairly obvious that you should always let your first and second bet ride if your initial three cards were a pair of 10s or higher.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Over the last several years, casinos have seen a decline in play for the traditional table games of blackjack, craps, and roulette in favor of regular and video poker slot machines. Table games once generated the majority of a casino’s revenue. Nowadays, it’s the slot department that is king. In their efforts to revitalize table play, casinos have been experimenting with new games such as paid gow poker, red dog, sic bo and others. However, the one game that has caught on like wildfire over the past year in casinos throughout the new table game, Caribbean Stud Poker, with its potential $100,000 plus jackpots.

It’s popular because it plays fast and easy like blackjack and features a very large progressive jackpot like an online slot machine. In this game, all players play against the dealer (or house) thus eliminating some of the intimidation that many players have about playing poker against other players.

Once all the ante wagers are made by players, the dealer will deal five cards face down to each player. The dealer also receives 5 cards, however one card is face-up for all the players to see and the other four cards are face down. Each player picks up his five cards and makes a decision whether he wants to call the dealer or fold.

After looking at the dealer’s card, if the player believes he has a very little chance to beat the dealer, then the player can fold by throwing the cards face down on the table. When a player folds, the player’s ante bet is taken by the dealer.

If the player believes he has a chance to beat the dealer, then the player must make a second bet wager. The latter must be twice the ante, thus a player who made a five-dollar ante wager must make a ten-dollar bet wager. In order for the round of play to continue, the dealer’s hand must qualify by having a poker value of at least ace, king or higher. If the dealer does not have an ace, king (or higher) then the dealer folds, the game is over and the dealer will automatically pay all the player’s original ante bet at 1 to 1.

If the dealer does have an ace, king or higher poker hand, then the dealer “calls” all the player’s hands. The players in turn will lay their cards on the layout and the dealer compares his hand with the player’s hand to determine which hand has the higher poker value. If the player’s hand has a higher poker value than the dealer’s hand, the player wins the ante wager at 1 to 1 and the bet wager is paid a bonus depending on the value of the hand. The best playing strategy to improve your odds is to always make the bet wager if you have a pair or higher hand. You should fold if you don’t have at least a pair.

Live casino at casinos without registration

Live casino is the one that has had the most progress in recent years. At casinos without an account, you end up at the live casino faster than ever before. Try any Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or Game Show. Whatever you prefer, there are plenty of options available to you as a player. Thus, you have excellent conditions to play live against a real croupier.

Casino without account
There are many reasons to choose a casino without an account. As we have mentioned, it is above all the registration process and withdrawals that have become the big difference. Avoiding filling in forms is of course something that is really nice. And it also provides other benefits such as not having to share any personal information. In addition, it is also nice every time we log in. We do not need to remember a username or password. Instead, we log in with our E-identification every time we visit the casino online games. For the same reason, it is also extremely flexible at the outlets.

You do not have to do anything difficult at all, but instead, withdraw the money via Swish or Trustly. Then you get the money in real-time to your bank account. It’s incredibly appreciated because we never have to wait for our winnings anymore. We can warmly recommend you to play at a casino without an account. It will provide a complete experience that is much smoother than when you play at outdated online casinos. Here we have collected the most common questions that players ask when it comes to casinos without a registration, but also more specifically regarding the functionality of these sites.

Is it really safe to play without registration required?
Yes! You do not have to worry because your transactions are always verified with your BankID, but also because they are managed with the help of major banks. Your gaming session is also secured via SSL encryption, which is a requirement on the part of the Gaming Inspectorate, and it is always possible to pause or self-exclude yourself from all gaming with the help of the Gaming Pause tool.

How fast do I get my money?
Casinos without an account are known for fast withdrawals. Within a few minutes, but usually immediately thanks to the solid cooperation between Trustly and banks. It usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes, but it can also go faster than that.

Advantages of the free casino

Some games may be a little harder for the beginner to understand. For example, not all players have tried Baccarat before. Then it can be good to test the game in demo mode and thus learn the rules. Some games such as Blackjack and Baccarat need a proper strategy to be used to maximize the chances of winning. Therefore, it is important to know the rules of these games before you start playing.

Therefore, free casinos in demo mode can be a good idea when you have not played a game before. Maybe you are eager to play Craps Live from Evolution Gaming but have never tried the dice game before? Then you can choose a variant with a random generator first and then when you have learned the rules, you just have to jump over to play with real money. But playing a casino as a risk game is not very smart if you do not know the rules of the game.

Therefore, a free casino is best
Who wants the risk when it is not needed? Of course, with demo mode, it will not be very fast in the long run because you can not win any real money. However, a bonus is optimal because you get the best of both worlds. You completely avoid the risk in your gambling if you receive a free bonus. At the same time, you still have the chance to win real money at This means that you do not have to have your money locked up forever as in the past. So by playing a free casino with a bonus you get both risk-free casinos while the winnings are still real money.

Free mobile casino

Casino players have every opportunity in the world to get a perfect mobile gaming experience and thus be able to play free casinos on their mobile. All gaming companies with a license offer mobile casinos via either an app or directly in your mobile browser. The advantage of playing casinos from your mobile is that you become more flexible when you can play anywhere. In addition, there may be a time-limited offer at an online casino when you are away for a weekend and do not have a computer with you. Then it can be good to be able to quickly pick up the mobile and receive a free casino bonus before it expires.

All games that are available for play money are also available to explore from a mobile device. Today, there are no games being launched that are not available for mobile devices. This is thanks to HTML5 technology, which means that the game adapts regardless of the size of the screen. This makes it possible to have a wonderful game with a free casino, regardless of whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone that is preferred. Discover the joy of playing free casinos from your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the fact that it is so easy to play casinos without registration today, it works great to play on mobile devices.

Casino bonus in mobile casinos

Sometimes casino’s bonus offers only apply to mobile casinos. Make a deposit in the mobile casino and you get bonuses and sometimes free spins. If you have not tried to play in a mobile casino yet, we recommend that you give it a try. The gaming experience is really good and some online casinos have also developed a casino app, which makes the gaming experience even better.

When you play without registration, BankID is used to become a member. In connection with the first deposit, an account is created automatically, which saves time. These casinos also tend to have very attractive bonus offers with low wagering requirements. In addition, they have fast withdrawals with Trustly, which means that the money enters the bank account immediately after you have used the bonus. You use a mobile BankID when registering, logging in and withdrawing. Smoother than that, it’s hard to get.

No deposit bonus
One bonus that is extremely popular is the no deposit bonus. It’s the same as a no deposit bonus. This gives you a small amount of cash from the casino, or a small number of free spins, to use to play casino games. The offer is one of the better options available at online casinos right now. Not having any risk is of course something that is appreciated. Then it is possible to get winnings in real money while you do not have to deposit anything yourself. Thus, it is an offer to receive when given the opportunity.

If there is no deposit bonus in cash, you will be able to choose more freely which games you want to use your bonus on. But if you instead get no deposit free spins, you will instead use the bonus on selected casino games. Sometimes it’s a game and at other times you get a few different options to choose from.

Extra casino bonus
Most online casinos had extra bonus offers on a regular basis. Some casinos gave you an extra casino bonus regularly each month, a so-called monthly bonus. This means that you got a certain% bonus on the first deposit you make each new month. But most casinos give you additional casino bonuses every now and then. This was called the reload bonus and was much appreciated. A reload bonus is the same as a deposit bonus, although it occurs on second and future deposits instead of the first deposit. Other popular recurring bonuses were daily free spins that players could enjoy.

Unfortunately, this is no longer allowed since the license was introduced. However, it was very popular before and many of us miss these extra bonuses. There is not much to suggest that they will return because the rules are becoming increasingly strict, but fortunately, there are still a lot of bonuses to discover under casinos with a license. With over 70 different licensees, you have at least plenty of options to discover.

Free spins are a kind of casino bonus

Nowadays, it is common for you to get free spins in your welcome bonus in addition to the deposit bonus. Sometimes you get these free spins directly with no deposit required when you create a gaming account at an online casino, sometimes you get them when you make your first deposit. No matter what occasion you choose to receive free spins, it means that you spin on slot machines for free. The concept is very popular because there is an opportunity to win real money on slot machines but at the same time no risk in gambling.

At online casinos, there are many different types of free spins today. Super Spins are worth more than traditional free spins. Cash spins are another example that is the same as free spins with no wagering requirements. Some slots even have built-in free spins and you can use your welcome bonus to play on these and thus get even more free spins.

Free bonus
The deposit bonus can also go under the name “welcome bonus”, but there are a number of online casinos at that instead use this term for free bonuses offered to all new players. A free bonus means that you get a sum to play for or a number of free spins without a deposit. A free bonus means that you as a new member of a casino get a small amount (normally around 50-100$) to dispose of how you want. You can play a number of spins on the roulette wheel, a dozen blackjacks or a number of spins on a slot machine you choose what you want to do with your free money. The idea is that you should be able to try out the casino site’s range of games with real money without risking your own money.

Cashback means repayment
Another option that was common in the past was cashback. Then you get back some of the losses from the online casino. This usually happens on a monthly basis. For example, if you have a bad month and lose $1,000, a cashback of 25% means that you get back $250. The percentage of cashback varies from casino to casino, but between 5-25% is relatively common. In our opinion, this is a very underestimated bonus that may not feel as sexy in advance, but it is perfect if it is a difficult month. Depending on the online casino’s terms, it varies if cashback comes as withdrawable cash or if they come as bonus money with wagering requirements.

Learn more about free spins

If you belong to the group that has solid experience in playing casinos online, you already know what free spins are, but you may not have a clue about the difference between free spins and free spins? Maybe you are one of the all-new players who have found yourself in a new online casino that offers a bonus with spins with no wagering requirements and want to understand more about how these spins are valid? Want to know more about how your spins bonus works? Then you have come to the right place!

Here we go through what there are different types of free spins, how free spins work, casinos that offer extra spins to new customers after deposit when registering, where you can take part in casino free spins and what types of free spins you might want Avoid – it’s true, not all free spins are equally worth spending money on when you plan to play casino. At different online casinos, free spins and free spins work in different ways.

What are free spins?
Freespins is the English name for the word for free spins or free spins which is a common casino bonus to offer to new customers at online casinos. Offering free spins is a casino benefit and bonus that gives players the chance to win at slot machines, without having to pay for these specific spins in the reels. Free spins not only appear as a welcome bonus, but you can also win free spins directly inside a casino when you are already up and running in games that have free spins as a function. These spins are also free spins that can increase the chances of more winnings in the casino game. Free spins are extra spins that allow you to play slots at the casino for free and avoid paying extra for these specific spins.

Play casino with Freespin Bonus
It is not uncommon to find casinos that offer free spins as a casino bonus in connection with becoming a new customer on the gaming site. It is often the case that, after depositing upon registration, you can play slots with a bonus. It is synonymous with being able to try out casino play for free. There are different types of bonuses at online casinos. Giving players at the casino a certain number of free spins is just one of many good casino bonuses. Many people who play casinos believe that this is the best bonus casino can offer, especially when it comes to the type of free spins that are about spins without wagering requirements or free casino bonuses without deposit with free spins.

Slot games on the mobile

The biggest development that has taken place since casinos began to establish themselves online is the introduction of smartphones. Today, every second person walks around with a fantastic little computer in their pocket, constantly connected to the internet. This is perhaps for better or worse really, as it sometimes gets a little difficult to unwind and just take it easy when the phone beeps and curls. But on the other hand, completely new opportunities also open up. One such opportunity is of course to play slot machines and other casino games on mobile. Recently, this possibility has completely exploded as connections have become faster and phones have improved performance. Today, it works just as well to play slot machines on your mobile phone as on your computer.

Playing mobile games today is one of the most common ways to play casino games. Availability is a contributing factor, but something that has also contributed to the growing crowd of mobile players is the casino payment methods offered at casinos. Today, more or less all handling of transactions we make is handled via our mobile phones. The casinos that today are called fast casinos are the casinos that more and more people choose to play in. The fastest is usually with all the casinos that allow you as a player to complete abbreviated transactions directly with your mobile.

Hundreds of slot machines in the mobile
A few years ago, the range of mobile slots was quite meager. You had to settle for slimmed-down, simple games, quite simply. Today the situation is different. Every month, new slot machines are launched on mobile phones, and the gaming provider NetEnt is at the forefront of this development. All of their new slot machines are released in Touch versions, and they are also transforming their most popular older slots to fit the smaller format.

More and more casinos have also realized the importance of investing in mobile gaming. Some of them go so far as to see themselves first and foremost as mobile casinos as an excellent example of how to do the right thing. About half of the total gaming takes place via mobile devices. In the market as a whole, that share is slightly lower, but most experts predict that mobile gaming will return to normal gaming within a couple of years.

Benefits of mobile gaming
By far the biggest advantage of playing slot machines on your mobile phone is of course the availability. Just a few years ago, it seemed incredibly luxurious to be able to play at a casino from home. Today, many players want to be able to play where, when and how they want. With the advent of mobile casinos, it’s easy to do just that.

In addition, mobile gaming shares many of the benefits of “regular” online gaming. As usual, you can take advantage of bonuses and free spins, but instead of having to sit at the computer, you can access them directly on your mobile. You do not need to create a new account, but log in and simply play with your regular account. Alternatively, make a simple registration at a new casino with a mobile bank login. Finally, most slots are perfectly designed to be played on mobile devices. While other casino games can sometimes require a little more overview, the slot machines are by their nature quite clear and work perfectly well on smaller screens.

Different types of casino bonuses

There are much different bonus offers online, and it can therefore be difficult for new players to orient themselves among the offer. This can be especially difficult when a number of online casinos still attract with bonus offers and free spins promotions even though it has become a criminal offense.

Cashback bonus: This has now been replaced by a milder version at many gaming companies. But instead of rewarding players with bigger casino bonuses based on how much money they spend at the casino, all players are entitled to the same kind of bonus. In such cases, it is often a cashback of 100 percent of what you as a player have lost during a week or month, often based on a deposit. The idea is simple and it often works just as it sounds, money back in case of loss. These can also be good to keep an eye on, as wagering requirements are sometimes included in what you yourself think should be a cash bonus with no wagering requirements at all. Find more information about cashback bonuses and see which cashback casinos are available online.

Free spins bonus: Much like many online casinos welcome new players with a first deposit bonus, free spins are another option. Sometimes you also see so-called welcome packages where both free spins and a welcome bonus have been included. Unlike bonus money, free spins work in such a way that the spin can be used in video slots and various slot machines. There is thus a certain number of free spins on the reels of either a specific or several different slot machines that are credited to your gaming account in connection with your first deposit. Just like casino bonuses, there is often a wagering requirement when playing with free spins that come from the casino’s pocket. Should it be the case that you do not have to wager your bonus money or free spins, the casino has most likely announced that there is no requirement for wagering and that it is a question of free spins without wagering?

Odds & sports bonus: At several of the gaming companies and casinos that offer sports betting, there can sometimes be an odds bonus for new players. As a rule, an odds bonus must only be credited once per player, just like a welcome bonus at a casino. However, a lower bonus amount and a minimum bet on the odds you choose usually apply. The structure of casino bonuses varies from casino to casino, so always check the bonus rules and the casino’s terms and conditions before you start playing for real money.

Refer a friend bonus: This bonus is an outdated bonus and is no longer available at online casinos. Previously, it worked so that if you have been a customer of an online casino for a while and were happy with the product, you could recommend the site to a friend and then get more bonuses or more money to play for at the casino. Several online casinos have therefore established their own refer-a-friend bonuses where both you and your friend are rewarded. This bonus program was slightly more complicated than other bonuses in terms of wagering requirements, which caused this type of bonus to no longer be available.

The reason for this is that the bonus involves not just one, but two people. In order to receive your bonus, your invited friend must first register with the online casino, make an initial deposit and wager the welcome bonus, taking into account the online casino’s wagering requirements. Once this is done, your gaming account will be rewarded with a bonus. But since the reward is a cash bonus, it usually means that you have to turn over the bonus money a certain number of times before they are available for withdrawal. The bonus varies between different online casinos but is usually not quite as large as the welcome bonus.

Play with a casino bonus

Most online casinos are keen to have something that attracts new players, usually in the form of a generous welcome bonus that is added to the total amount of even the very first deposit. New casinos are aware of this and therefore often offer at least as good bonuses as older online casinos. Most online casinos are refining or updating their bonus offers to constantly be in the game for players. Here we go through what different casino bonuses can look like on the gaming market so that you can find the best casino bonus that suits you!

This is how casino bonuses work
As the government re-regulated the legislation on online gaming, a lot has changed in the gaming market. Not least for all the online casinos that have previously offered generous welcome packages, free spins and promotions that require more than one deposit. Often you gain extra playing time through a contact bonus or free spins on any slot machine. This is something you believe has contributed to more irresponsible gambling and in some cases even gambling problems. For this reason, online casinos have been limited to only one deposit bonus per new player the welcome bonus.

One should therefore not think that it is all gaming companies themselves who have become stingy and chosen to withdraw the bonus money. This is only a consequence of the licensing system which has demanded that bonus benefits and aggressive marketing of promotions and the like cease to exist in the same way as before. All to make it easier for players to play responsibly. It is still up to the casino to decide how much to credit each new player, the same applies to wagering requirements and in which games any free spins should apply.

New welcome bonuses
Casino players have had to get used to bonuses and extra money in the account in the form of free spins are only available on the first deposit. Several online casinos have, for that reason, chosen to extend their welcome bonus to the largest possible to attract as many new players as possible. The competition that exists between different gaming sites and online casinos is undeniably quite large in such a small market as actually is.

Can you get more bonuses?
If a casino has the same owner and is registered on the same license as several other online casinos, you can only receive one bonus per gaming license. By law, casinos may only offer 1 bonus in total per new player and gaming license. You as a player therefore need to choose which casino you want to play at before you choose your bonus.

Sad, there are probably more who think. Many players therefore pretend to look for a brand new casino where you can take advantage of a welcome bonus that is not linked to several licenses. A strategy that works for many, as you, unlike a casino campaign, can decide for yourself exactly what kind of bonus you want and when. However, if you do not keep a close eye on which casinos are under one and the same license, it can feel frustrating when you register at what you think is an individual casino and are denied your welcome bonus.