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Make the most of your bankroll

Gambling is exciting it has always been like that and it would be a great surprise if that ever did change! Whether you play at the casino or go to the bookmaker the games on offer will always have an attractive force on the vast majority of people. The thrill of the game and the opportunity to win big prizes are simply unbeatable elements that will always have gamblers coming back for more. The dream of one day being able to just retire after winning the big jackpot is a dream shared by thousands or millions.

Winning Online Casinos

But no matter how fun gambling is there is one thing that can make it even more fun. And do you know what that is? The answer is simple: it is of course winning! Nothing makes a night of gambling at the casino more complete and perfect than if you actually end the night with a nice win in your pockets. On the other hand, a night with the loss after loss will leave you frustrated and maybe even angry. And feeling frustrated or angry is definitely not the way to spend a night out.

Play Online Casino for Free

And the answer to that question is never the less quite simple. There are a number of online casinos that offer at free games just to enroll at their particular casino. Playing for free is simply the answer to how you get the most out of your money when playing at the tables, slots or whatever you prefer! When you play free games in the casino, it is implied that your own money surely lasts longer when you actually play for the casino’s own money. And if you lose you do not even need to feel disappointed since it is only the free bonus you are losing. It is obvious that you also have a greater chance of winning by playing free games as you will never need to compensate for losing your money.

Whether you are into sports betting or regular casino games it should not be hard to find online sites that offer these free games. The competition between the many online casinos upcoming or well-established is so fierce that most casinos flock to the new customers and struggle to offer the most attractive bonuses both to newcomers and to loyal customers who they want to keep coming back again and again.

So to make the most of your money when playing at the casinos the best advice is the play for someone else money, i.e. the casino’s free bonuses! It is only recommendable that you start out by playing the bookmakers and the casinos that offer these free games. That way you increase both your chances of winning, and you actually get a chance to practice the game before risking your own money.

Online Casinos

Casino will introduce you to the basics of the most popular casino games online, we’ll give you Casino Guides on the basics of Video slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Bingo, and Casino Hold’Em. The concept of a Casino isn’t new, gambling has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. With the internet and the technological age covering the entire world, there has never been a better time for playing casino games.

Online casinos are played either in your web browser or through a downloadable software client that is installed on your computer, some casinos also offer a mobile casino for those with a smartphone (such as an android phone or an iPhone.) When you play an online casino you have access to the same if not more games than at a live casino and new video slots are introduced every month. You also don’t need to worry about security at a reputable online casino here, your security is paramount to them and they will go to any lengths to guarantee that your money is safe. It’s still wise however to read about the online casinos you wish to play, to get an idea of what that casino is like.

Casino Games:

We love to gamble, we love to win and we love the adrenaline rush that comes with winning not to mention the money and the long vacations where our only worry is which meal to order at a restaurant. So how do you choose a casino game to suit you? It would be a very costly thing to try every casino game at a live casino, but online that’s an entirely different matter.

You can without money and without even registering, try every single casino game using play money. With the exception of those based on jackpots or those with multiple players involved (such as those played at the “live” section of an online casino). This is a perfect way to discover what games you like and even try out strategies and systems you’ve either created by yourself or heard about.

Casino Bonuses:

A great benefit of online casinos is that they often give out bonuses to their current members and new members. Most typical is the signup bonus that matches your first deposit by a certain percentage, usually 100%. How high the bonus goes differs greatly between casinos, some are known to go higher than $1,000 on the signup bonus but most remain around $100. Other bonuses that online casinos offer are free spins at current or new video slots, this lets you play the video slot for free but with the potential to win real money. Free spin offers are most common when a new video slot is released and the best part is that this happens monthly and occasionally weekly.

Some online casinos also offer to let you play an entire hour for a sum of free casino money where you get to keep any winnings above the original. In other words, if you’re given $500 to play with for an hour and end up with $600 you will get to keep $100. Don’t worry though, even if you lose it all you’re not bound to pay it back it’s entirely free to play.

Casino Games Are Available

Various types of casino games are available at our online casino. Many people like to go to the casinos to pass time or enjoy the weekends. For those people, there are different types of games in the casinos. Blackjack, slots, roulette, poker, and many other games are there. You can play dozens of different games just using the set of 52 cards. You should know the rules of the games before starting to play the games. In most casino sites, there are facilities to play the games free of cost.

Why it is necessary to learn the game properly. It is a must for the players who play with money. A wrong move can take away all of your money. You may find similarities in the name of the games of different casinos. In some cases, you may get differences in the rules of playing the games at, though the games have the same name. It is very important to know the rules of the games. Just visit the site where you want to play then test the free games. If you do not get free games or some free chances to play a certain game then check the website thoroughly to know about the rules and regulations of the game. After learning the rules, surf the internet and find a similar type of free game than practice there. Among various games offered by online casinos, choose those games which you know well. Don’t forget to read the precautions about the casino sites.

Video Poker: As with others there are also video poker progressive jackpots. These are offered by many live casinos, but also on the internet on various sites. To win the jackpot, the player must hit a royal flush in any case, even necessary in some casinos is a royal flush in diamonds. When he finally hit the royal flush in spades, he was richer by more than 670,000 dollars, the exact amount of the progressive jackpot had grown.

Along with the spectacular profits of Huck Seed, there are some other interesting stories about video poker. From a bankroll of $6,000 within six Dancer made a million and since then been something like the Pope of video poker. In his book, Million Dollar Video Poker Dancer shows the right strategies to cut in video poker successfully. In addition to this standard work Dancer has published many other materials such as videos, strategy maps for various video poker games and novels, he also offers in video poker seminars.

Cards Games: Some online casinos also offer this payout ratio in blackjack, although the difference here is that the player quickly changes the casino table or even the ease of playing online. An example of the strategy to follow when there are tables that offer 3 to 2 blackjack is this excerpt from the words. Everyone knows that the player’s blackjacks pay 3 to 2. I do not understand how people play with another payout ratio if they are giving away bottles of whiskey to anyone who feels. Although the phrase is not perfectly understood, it implies that it must be ensured that the casino pays 3 to 2 blackjack and whether we should find another table or another game. There are many casinos that offer the opportunity to pay half of the bet as insurance in case the dealer has blackjack. In this case, provided he could pay shows an ace in his first letter, twice being able to get insurance if you complete the blackjack. Although it seems like a good choice, this is not true because the player never wins but pays the insurance and eventually loses forever. As mentioned, if the casino where you play gives you the ability to afford insurance forget about it and never pay. Card Counting Online. As you probably know, the player can influence the strategy of Blackjack significantly in the game. If the player knows how to count cards and is able to do it quickly you can earn money in the long term.

Online Baccarat: Welcome to the section on baccarat online. Here you will find online casinos that offer the best games of baccarat and guarantee you an unforgettable gaming experience at the baccarat table. Check them out now. An additional point that deserves your attention is the many promotions that we offer in exclusivity. In fact, we will update in real-time the best offers and best casino bonuses for you to be the first to take advantage of more attractive opportunities on the Web can not beget a head start on the bench if you leave aside, in addition to the techniques and strategies to win at baccarat game, even those economic benefits and proposed that the various commercial casinos offer baccarat players to attract new or retain existing ones.

Using all the cards in your deck, thank you casino holding the winning combination to make your stay at the table of winning baccarat online. Not only will you enjoy playing baccarat online, but you’ll also win a baccarat tournament or at least have a successful evening. Seen by other players for the confidence with which you move to the baccarat table, playing each of your hands without hesitation and with skill in, you will leave everyone speechless, amazed by your skill at the game of baccarat. Do not hesitate to tell in detail what happened, we are sure that we do look good.

Texas Holdem

Years ago it was a decent alternative to get a mat that simulates a casino poker table, but now it seems very cheesy compared to the new options that can be found online. These mats can scratch your nice dining table, and simply do not give visual appeal. If your budget is tight, just make a poker table folding research, which has dropped in price considerably over the past two years.

One must consider that anyone who decides to participate in tournaments, but home, know enough not to need a guide or a book for beginners. Even the introductory level players have a good idea of the blinds, antes, positioning, etc, so get them a book of a mid-level strategy advanced if you’re serious about buying reading material for your friend or playmate.

It may seem funny on the shelf, but poker shirts, hats and other garments with ridiculous phrases are not as popular as they seem. Poker players most want to be taken seriously at the table, which is difficult when you’re wearing a shirt that says. However, shirts with the logo of a company or poker games tournament series like the World Series of Poker are always a safe bet, and the gift recipient will appreciate it really. But after testing it in my own game I realized it was not a good idea. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that the machine can be choked and damage the boards.

Texas Holdem Poker

  • Texas Hold’em is well known for being the most played and addictive version of all. In No-Limit move is where the largest sums of money, of course, we are talking about freerolls, where the prizes are defined in advance and by credit, bets are used to decide which player gets all the chips and eliminates rivals.
  • Omaha Holdem is similar to and together with it the most played variant. Both variants consist of three rounds of betting too, although in Omaha players start with four hole cards instead of two. The Hi-Lo can win the hand with a move lower, plus a high, according to the usual rules of poker.
  • The stud free rolls five and seven cards are often frenetic, the high number of existing betting rounds. In these variants, which are not played with community cards, players have both cards face up and face down, and you have to keep the temple along with the different rounds, where you will discover a new letter each time. In five-card studs, it is especially easy to see the play of rivals.
  • It is increasingly common to also find freerolls to play horse, which is to play a certain number of hands the following variants: Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Stud and Eight or better. The peculiarity of this form of poker is that players must master different variants, and not just one.

New Player at online casino

All new players can receive £100 Free. On your first deposit, you are entitled to receive a 100% Refund Slots Only Bonus of up to £100. Here’s how it works:

  • 100% slots play = 100% match bonus up to £100 free
  • Less than 100% slots play = 25% match bonus up to $100 free

If a player plays, wins and their balance is increased, the player is not entitled to a bonus, however, they are able to cash out any winnings at any time. Should a player redeposit before reaching a zero balance on their first deposit, they are not entitled to the welcome bonus.

Before a player can make a cash withdrawal of the Refund Slots Only Bonus, the player must first meet our full play-through requirements. Should you wish to wager using your acquired bonus points, you must also do the same.

You don’t need to wait for hours before you can have your bonus in your hands. While you wait for one or two days in other online casino games, we only need up to 2 hours to process at the casino thanks to our Instant Payments system. Additionally, players can use their Casino bonuses within thirty days starting from the date the player’s real account deposit was made. The casino player can receive their bonuses from Credit Cards, eCheck, EcoCard, InstaDebit, Moneybookers, NETeller, and other platforms. Click here for more Payment Options information.

Casino Loyalty Program:

ADVANTAGE is the exclusive rewards program for Casino Action. This revolutionary Loyalty Program goes one step further in recognizing and rewarding our valued players.

By signing up for an online Casino, you will automatically become a member of Casino Action ADVANTAGE your gateway to a whole new gaming community.
Login to your Casino Action ADVANTAGE account today and see what rewards await you.

Benefits and Privileges
We believe the more you play, the more rewards you should enjoy and the more privileges you should receive. With this in mind, we have designed a program that means the higher you climb up the membership ladder, the greater your privileges and the more points you can earn. What’s more, your points will increase in value each time you move up a level.

What can I get for my points?
Casino Action ADVANTAGE points can be redeemed through our online store for a range of fantastic merchandise from a state-of-the-art flat-panel LCD TV to spa and relaxation products to spoil yourself. And of course, you can also redeem your points for Casino cash.

How do I get onto a new level?
The number of ADVANTAGE points required per month to attain each level, for each member status is as follows:

  • Member: 0-249 Points
  • Silver: 250-1499 Points
  • Gold: 1500-3999 Points
  • Platinum: 4000+ Points
  • Platinum Elite: By Invitation Only

Earn more points and you will be automatically upgraded to the next level and be able to claim even more benefits and privileges.

Betting In Slots

Online slot games are very popular due to their reliability and simplicity. At land-based casinos, all you got to do is insert the money, pull the lever and wait for the combinations to appear to see whether you have won or not. The winnings are calculated on the outcome of those symbols. After the lever has been triggered, it is beyond your control what the outcome would be as the mechanism of the slot machines will do its part and present the ultimate result. It is very similar to online casino slots. You select how much to play with and then you press the SPIN button. The RNG system in the software triggers the reels and lets you know what symbols come up.

Free Play

So betting in slots is really easy to do and the best part of it is that you can win an absolute fortune! The jackpots on slots are bigger online and are bigger compared to other casino games too. Winning on slots is based on luck, but there are a few online slot tips that you should follow to increase your chances of winning…

Slots Tips

  • Online slots often include jackpots so look out for those slots because the winning amounts are so much bigger.
  • Always bet the maximum amount when playing progressive jackpot slots.
    Know all the game rules and play options when playing video slots so that you can take maximum advantage of them.
  • Check out the payout schedules available for each slot and select a slot game that provides the best payouts for the lower winning symbol combinations.
  • Always make sure you have a budget and stick to it. Don’t go over your daily budget. If you lose, wait until the next day to play again. Only wager with money that you can afford to lose and do not expect to win all the time.
  • Always wager at slots that present a higher payout percentage. This may vary from game to game, and from casino to casino. Do your homework on the online casino reviews and you will find casinos that give a good bonus and a payout that ranges from 96-to 98%.
  • Once you hit a jackpot it is unlikely that you win the jackpot again the second or third time. If you hit a jackpot the first time, take the money and quit for the day.

Have fun! That’s what slots are all about. With the different themes that slots have, select the one that suits your mood. If you are into wild animals and safaris then play the Mega Moolah slot, or if you are into ancient Egypt and treasure then play Cleopatra’s Gold slot. The choice is yours.

Top Tips for Playing Blackjack

Blackjack is regarded as the one-table game where it is possible to beat the house. If you rely on impulse and luck, however, then you can forget about winning any money whatsoever. Here are some top tips to get you playing a winning game.

Firstly, if you are new to blackjack, then play online. Getting a feel of the game, and understanding the basics of play before tackling a casino will save you both money and humiliation.

Secondly, determine the amount of money you will make available for use before playing a game, this way you won’t bet money you really shouldn’t be just because you feel it is your turn to win a hand.

Third, remember the aim of the game. You need to get closest to 21, so copying the dealer or trying too hard to beat them will only cause you to lose money.

Fourth, never bother with insurance. Insurance is for cars, and unless you are a pro card counter you will more than likely spend more money than you make.

Fifth, when you do hit the Casino make sure you choose a table where the maximum bet is no more than 5% of your bankroll, this way you won’t find yourself empty-handed after two hands.

Sixth, know when to hit and stand. Hard hands are those with no ace or one that must stand for a 1, if it didn’t you would go bust. With hard hands, it’s best to hit till either 17 or more without going bust. With a soft hand, where the ace can count as an 11, it’s best to hit till you reach 18.

Seventh, possibly the most important tip of them all is to learn memorize and apply your basic knowledge. As soon as you forget the basic strategy, you need to leave the table.

Lastly, split pairs of Aces and 8’s, but never split any face cards, or 10’s.

The Benefits Of Online Casinos

A fun night out at the local casino takes some beating. There is nothing like the thrill of the roulette wheel or the challenge of a few hands of blackjack. There is also the social scene, the bars and the restaurants. One of the most famous casino games cities in the world is an unforgettable experience. Stay in one of the top hotel-casinos such as the Bellagio; play at some of the exciting tables or just chill out in the vast slot halls. And of course, the entertainment is excellent as are the girls who deal and serve you complimentary drinks.

As glamorous as life in a real casino might be, it is not something that many of us can do that often, and this is where the benefits of online casinos come in. Maybe paying roulette at an online casino does not quite have the thrilling impact of watching the wheel spin, but then the game is the same and with just a little imagination.

Online casinos offer many benefits. You can play there any time and with a smartphone any place too. There is no need to get dressed up; you can leave your tuxedo in the wardrobe (though if you wish to wear it there is nobody to stop you)!

Also, playing online is a great way to get to really understand the game as there are no time pressures. One of the best casino games is blackjack. The reason for this is that if you play skilfully you can reduce the house edge to less than one percent, but it does take some time to learn and practice the necessary skills. At a real casino, there is far too much pressure to make your moves quickly and there is very little time to think. When playing online you can take as much time as you wish and always make the optimum moves giving yourself the best chance of winning.

Beginners Guide to Playing Poker

Poker is the name of a family of card games that predominately share hand rankings and betting rules; although there are discrepancies within each variation. Which variation of poker you play is completely down to personal preference, however, there are dominant types, the most popular game type being Texas Hold’Em. Players usually learn and understand Texas Hold’Em before exploring other games, but I will explain and outline the most common variants so that you can choose for yourself.

There are four main families of poker, the oldest family is called straight poker, which finds its roots stretched back as far as the American revolutionary war. For this type a complete hand is dealt with each player face down which is then followed by a round of betting, raising and re-raising. Each hand is shown and the person with the best is deemed the winner. Modern poker however is a lot more complex.

The second oldest family is Stud poker. The most popular form of stud poker today is that of Seven Card Stud, where 7 cards are dealt with each player over a period of 5 rounds from which they must make the best possible 5-card hand. Draw poker is the next variation. A full hand is dealt with each player prior to any betting, they must then use subsequent rounds to improve their hand by discarding and drawing cards.

The final and most played in modern society is that of Community card poker, also known as flop poker. Two examples of this are Texas Hold’Em and Omaha. In Texas Hold’Em the player is dealt two cards, and then in the following rounds, 5 cards will be placed in the center of the table for everybody to use. These are the community cards and are available to all players so that they can make the best 5 card hand possible. It is up to you which poker game you approach to learn first, but bear in mind that the most played and popular variation is Texas Hold’Em.

Advanced Baccarat Strategies

The best baccarat strategies are, of course, the most complicated. Many players swear by good bankroll management. First of all, for a good baccarat strategy, it is of course advisable for everyone to set a certain budget and not to overdo it, even if the game is particularly fun. A good bankroll baccarat strategy is also to stop when you are ahead with your winnings, regardless of whether there is still money in the budget or not. Players should also never add winnings to their bankroll. Only the budget (minus losses suffered) may be bet, not the money that has been won. With these three bankroll baccarat strategies, players can be sure that they will never leave the casino for broke.

Since baccarat strategies have a lot to do with math, it is not surprising that strategies like counting cards and spotting certain trends are also very popular baccarat strategies. If a player knows how many decks of cards have been used, it is perfectly possible for mathematicians to count cards to determine which card will be drawn next. This is less suitable as an online baccarat strategy, and card counting is not welcomed in many local casinos.

Edge sorting, in which players memorize subtle differences on the back of the playing cards, is also a baccarat strategy that casinos do not like. While card counting and edge sorting can definitely be called a successful baccarat strategy, betting systems and the recognition of statistical trends are based on superstition.

Just because the bank has won twice in a row doesn’t mean that the player has to win the next round. The cards have been shuffled beforehand and are dealt with in no apparent order. In other words, just because the bank got 9 points three times makes it less or more likely that there are still enough cards in the shoe to give the bank another 9 points. In the article on the Baccarat rules of the game, I showed the two different card combinations that can result in a 9. There are a total of 7, although these only relate to one deck of cards. In baccarat, however, significantly more decks of cards are used, which means that a natural can occur more often than seven times in a row.

Regardless of whether baccarat strategies are used in online baccarat or in local casinos, the tips above should always be followed, as this is the only way for players to maximize their profits and how to constantly win at baccarat. There is no point in being a good punto banco player if you are seated at a chemin de fer table all of a sudden. For this reason, it is worthwhile to find out beforehand which variant of Baccarat is being played at this table.

Only when players are experienced in the game variant available do they have a chance to maximize their winnings. It is also important to know that Baccarat is a game of chance with low volatility, a low house edge but a high RTP. Only if the budget is adhered to and not mixed with the winnings can players avoid excessive losses. Caution should also be exercised when following baccarat strategies that have a little mathematical background but a lot of superstition.

Texas Holdem

How counting cards work

Counting cards poker is a controversial strategy that is particularly useful for beginners looking for guidance. Here you calculate probabilities in the game. Counting cards poker is an additional strategy that can be used while playing poker and that can be great fun. Let’s have a look on how to count cards.

Look at poker cards systematically

It’s always about finding probabilities. So, probability calculation is the basis of counting cards poker. Knowing the likelihood of a card being played will help you better evaluate and target your hand.

Counting card methods in Poker

The method of counting cards can be used in poker. The general concept is we want to keep track of which cards are staying in the deck so we can gauge our chances of making a winning hand with the later cards. The first important skill is to be aware of the exact number of cards that can help us.

The point is to determine how likely it is that you will get a very strong hand with your hand. To do this, it is important to determine how many cards from the deck could help you, the so-called outs.

Let’s say you hold 8, J while the board has K,3, 8. With another 8 you would have three of a kind and with a jack, you would have two pairs. Since there are already two eights and one jack face up, there are still 2 eights and 3 jacks that could help you get a strong hand. A poker deck consists of 52 cards. Minus the 5 open cards, there are still 47 cards that are invisible to us. So, the probability that we come across a card that is beneficial for us is 5:47 or 1: 9.4. In other words, the card we need only comes in one out of 9 cases.

The second factor to consider when counting card in poker is the odds. These indicate how high your stake is in relation to the pot. The rule of thumb is: “Use your chips only in relation to your probability of winning”. In other words, if the pot has a value of 90 and you had to bet 10 to stay in it, this would be close to the limit in our example, but still acceptable. In principle, counting cards poker can provide a good orientation for your betting behavior. However, you should never rely on mathematics alone, always think logically and, above all, read your opponents. Odds and outs are just one of the many poker strategies.