When you think of blackjack, you probably think of nice halls with well-dressed people who have way too much money, alternatively James bond or other cocky characters who bet everything on a round and win – after which they are hailed by lots of pretty girls. Forget all that! Playing as James bond is completely idiotic unless, like him, you are protected by plot armor.

Live blackjack is a simulation of reality, as close as you can get when you are sitting at home in front of your computer or mobile phone. You sit down digitally at a real table, and the game is presented and handled by a real human. The key to making all of this work is called streaming. That is, you stream video, and therefore you need a fast and stable internet connection (higher requirements than in, for example, slots).

Don’t worry about the host or the other blackjack players seeing you! There is no feature that allows you to turn on your own webcam. However, you can chat with the value, but keep in mind that what you write is visible to everyone. Also keep in mind that many casinos have guidelines about what can be said. Live blackjack is not 4 chan or flashback, so contribute to a nice atmosphere instead of the other way around.

The tables available online

There are many online casinos that offer live blackjack today, in fact the vast majority do. However, the range can differ significantly from one online casino to another, and of course it is usually the case that the biggest players have the biggest range. And it’s not just the bet levels that differ between different tables.

Different casinos have different blackjack tables, but there are also different developers who supply the casinos with them. So how does this work then? It is not the casinos that manufacture their own tables , but the game developers. Not even exclusive tables are produced by the casino itself.

For this reason, it is better to focus on the game developer, rather than the casino. In the past, it was only evolution gaming and netent that did live blackjack , and even though evolution gaming is still clearly the biggest, new players and more competition are added all the time. Playtech and pragmatic play are two examples.

Now you might be thinking how much can blackjack rules differ depending on the game developer? It’s still blackjack, after all! more than you might think! For example, evolution gaming lets you run two completely different tables at the same time – as long as they come from the same developer, of course. This allows you to play baccarat and blackjack simultaneously in two different windows (that fit in one browser window so you don’t have to switch).

An important thing to keep in mind in general when playing live blackjack is that, just like in real life, the tables can be busy. When playing slots, this is never a problem. The game providers usually have a lobby with information about how many people are sitting at each table, and usually there are several tables with the same blackjack rules.

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