Anyone who regularly plays at the same online casino will soon see a certain status appear behind his or her name. The most used status is that of VIP, with which the casino wants to indicate that they see you as a loyal and highly valued player. At almost all online casinos attractive bonuses are regularly handed out that can only be used by VIPs. In addition, many online casinos have a loyalty program in which VIPs also participate and where you can get an increasingly higher VIP status by playing regularly and therefore also higher bonuses. With the exception of the fact that only players with VIP status can take advantage of these VIP bonuses, they operate in the same way as other types of bonuses that one can get in an online casino.

Take advantage of a VIP Bonus

With a VIP bonus there is a special bonus, which only players with a VIP status can use. When the VIP bonus is used, players receive an extra amount of money or a number of free spins to play on a video slot, online slot machine or fruit machine. A VIP bonus is often distributed to players in two ways. The first is through a so called loyalty program. All players in an online casino automatically join that program as soon as they open a player account. The more you play and the more money you deposit into your online casino account, the more loyalty points you collect and the higher your VIP status and associated bonuses will be. In addition, the online casino regularly sends special offers to players who have reached VIP status. They often receive extra offers, to which a bonus is often linked. Think of playing new video slots that are not yet available to other players or trying out a new live casino game.

Online Casino Loyalty Program

Virtually all online casinos want to occasionally reward their players for playing regularly at their casino. With this they not only want to convey their thanks, but also reward the players with a small addition to the playing credit or some free spins. The rule is often used here that the more often someone plays in the online casino, the higher the reward should be that each player receives. To organize all this transparently, so that players can also see what they are entitled to, online casinos use a so-called loyalty program.

Through such a program, which is simply part of the casino’s website, it is kept for each player how many loyalty points they have collected and what they can do with them. Most casinos keep it simple and link certain VIP levels from the loyalty program to a certain VIP bonus. Other casinos go a step further and even hand out gifts, such as a smartphone or television.

Special conditions VIP Bonuses

As with any bonus, when using a VIP bonus there are special conditions that you have to take into account. For example, it is common with any bonus that when you make a profit by using bonus money, you can only withdraw this profit after you have used the bonus amount a number of times to bet on the gaming tables, slot machines, video slots or in the casino. live casino. Only when the amount corresponding to the wagering rule has been wagered, you can withdraw winnings made with bonus money.

You will also have to keep in mind that some VIP bonuses have maximum limits when it comes to winnings that you can make with the bonus money. This is especially often the case with winnings that you make by using the extra spins that you get from the online casino. Finally, you should keep in mind that when you activate a VIP bonus, you have to use it within a certain period of time. This can sometimes be a week, but it can also be a day. So you have to activate the amount that you have received as a bonus during that period and for free spins, you can only play it during the period specified in the bonus condition.

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