Before you start playing blackjack online, it is essential that you know all the versions of this game. Which can be found in the most popular real money casinos. These versions have particular characteristics, so the way of playing and betting may vary. Find the version that best suits your personality, knowledge or budget. Enjoy this exciting online gambling game and don’t miss its live versions with real dealers. As well as the many opportunities to earn money in the different versions

  • Atlantic City
  • Blackjack European
  • Classic
  • Double exposure
  • Multi Hands

On the other hand, there is the European Blackjack in which 52 cards are also used during the game. When playing this version you will be able to double down on 9 or 11. While classic blackjack is usually a much simpler game. So it is the ideal version for those who are starting to bet real money.

In addition, there is the version called Double Exposure, which has 8 decks. If you are starting to play blackjack for money, this is not recommended due to the house edge. On the other hand, you should also be careful when playing the Multi Hand version of blackjack at here Since it is a game that requires much more skills and speed when playing with its 5 decks.

Other versions of blackjack for money

Surrender: This version allows you to apply all kinds of tricks and strategies to earn real money. Among them, doubling and dividing cards, as well as surrendering and paying insurance.
Switch: This type of blackjack can have between 6 and 8 decks, and depending on the casino, cards can be exchanged. Therefore, when choosing this version to bet real money, it is best to check the rules first.
Vegas Strip: This real money game is played with 52 cards and the decks are usually 4. Split then double tricks can also be applied, as can split again to have three hands.
Vegas Downtown : This is a real money blackjack game very similar to the Vegas Strip version. They only differ in one aspect and that is that Vegas strip has a percentage of 0.34%. While in Vegas Downtown the house has an edge of 0.38%.

Strategies to Win at Blackjack

The way to play blackjack online is simple since you only have to know the focus of this game. Which is to beat the dealer by getting cards that add up to 21 points. Just as it is essential to know the steps to start betting money, according to the value of each card. As they appear on the table, it is necessary to know the right moment to make a winning play.

In addition to the strategies, this type of game has various rules that you must know perfectly. In order to avoid certain inconveniences during the different games with real money. Each of these rules may vary depending on the casino for money to which you enter.

The main rule is directed at the dealers, who have to comply with certain restrictions. As for the players, if they have cards whose sum gives 16 points or a lower number. They have to keep hitting until they get 17 or 21. But if the dealer’s cards add up to 17, the dealer must stand.

As for the strategies to win money in this fun gambling game, there is one of the best techniques. Which you can use throughout the online blackjack game.

This strategy is known by the name of Blackjack table, in which certain situations are established. As well as instructions to make each move depending on the number of cards obtained. Therefore, by learning the table and its indications, the user will be able to be aware of every possible situation. Which will allow you to be one step ahead of the dealer when betting for real money.

In addition, there are other strategies such as counting cards without being discovered by the online casino and using the different welcome bonuses.

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