The main idea in live blackjack games is that every player, even the table manager, tries to have a hand worth between 17 to 21 to be the winner. Most online casino sites use 6 packs of cards, but this does not prevent that there are some casinos that use 6 to 8 packages, and these packages are placed in a device called the shoe, which is a plastic device. Below we will talk about the steps to play with a total of 6 packages, as is common in most online casino sites:

In the beginning, players in any live dealer casino that offers the game buy chips, then place their bets on the playing table, and the table manager collects bets and exchanges them for chips, and this is what happens in playing blackjack casino in traditional gambling halls, but online, the player clicks on a button Pay, and the number of chips suitable for it is determined.

The bet has a maximum and minimum limit, and the player has the right to choose the appropriate limit for him, and the bets are placed in the place designated for them on the game table.

After the previous step, the table manager distributes a face-up card to each player and deals a face-down card to himself, then deals another card to each player, which is also face-up, then deals to himself a second card, which is face-up.

Then the play starts from the blackjack player to the left of the dealer, and each player begins to think about how he can be the sum of the hand, and begins to collect the value of the two cards with him, if it is 21 then he is the owner of the winning hand and he has won the bet whose value is twice his bet one and a half times, but if the dealer has The same hand value, the round is counted as (Push) and the player will not lose anything from his bet, but if you do not have a hand worth 21, how will you play? His answer follows:

The dealer of the table plays his hand, and according to his revealed card, the player can decide how to play, he will continue playing or choose to surrender.

At the end of the round, if the player succeeds in making a hand of 21, he will be declared the winner and the profits will be handed over to him, or if the dealer wins and a hand of 21 will be the winner and he will get the value of the bet, or it will be a tie and at that time there will be no winner or loser.

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