To avoid unnecessary hassles, you should only redeem offers from reliable online casinos. When you surf this site, you will find only reliable casinos with clean money in the bag. The offers of any of the casinos i present are not scams. One of my evaluation principles is that i test the offers myself. I make a deposit and claim the bonuses. Whenever possible, i also test tournaments, level rewards, cashback and other benefits. The very first thing i check is the casino’s license. I am very specific about this.

I also researched the terms and conditions of the casino offer to form my opinion on the quality of the offer. I appreciate the transparency. The recycling requirement must be expressed so clearly that all visitors to the page understand what casino offers they can get from the online casino in question. Of course, i also evaluate whether the casino’s offers are generous and player-friendly. At this stage, i use the number of free spins and bonus cancellation policies as metrics. Non-sticky bonuses were invented some time ago, and they immediately became a megatrend. After all, we all want to both eat and save the cake, and non-sticky casino offers get us quite close to that goal.

Some casinos market half sticky bonuses or semi sticky bonuses. In that case, some additional rules apply to the right to cancel the bonus. These rules or restrictions can be found by reading the rules and conditions of the casino offer. In my opinion, a casino offer with a limited right of cancellation is better than a completely non-cancellable casino offer. A risk-free first deposit is a rather rare casino offer. Simply put, if you lose your first deposit, the casino will refund it to you. The casino’s website explains which conditions apply to the offer in question.

It is possible that, for example, the weekly cashback is non-recyclable. However, i have come across online casinos where the cashback must be recycled, for example, 10 times. Online casino offers are not to everyone’s liking, because there are too many options or, for example, the wagering requirement is stressful. They can focus on playing by choosing an online casino that does not have casino offers. The offer can tempt you to play much more than you intended, but many people play responsibly despite the casino offers. If you’re worried, it’s a good idea to leave the offers unclaimed.