At an online casino, there are several different things to keep an eye on in order to create a perfect online casino experience in a smart way and these are online casino bonuses and what requirements they have, the same for their free spin, when their customer support is open, what casino games they offer and a little more. Here we go through these things and show you how to make it easier to find an online casino that will be your personal favorite. But let’s start by tipping about the ones we think are best to get started with first.

Online casinos with daily jackpots
A bunch of Swedish operators offers games with daily jackpots. These casino games thus hand out new jackpots every day and are therefore extra interesting to play. In the picture below you see a bunch of these casino games. Click on the link below the image for more info and for a list of online casinos that offer daily jackpots.

Online casino with tax-free winnings
The most important choice you can make before you start playing casinos online is to choose the right online casino. The right casino is, in our opinion, a reliable secure gaming site that holds a license with which they can offer tax-free winnings to players and with which they guarantee security. You can find these online casinos here with us at If you do not choose to play with these, you will partly have to pay tax for your winnings without being able to set them off against your losses and partly no one can guarantee you a safe casino experience.

Play on your mobile
Prefer to play on your mobile? In the past, you had to visit the casino’s mobile casino site and hardly any games worked at all if you did not have a flash player installed. Nowadays, the technology is so good that everyone offers an HTML5 version of their site, which basically means that the page is built with the latest technology and that the site adapts to all screens.

In other words, we go to our favorite casino just as usual. The games then? Same here, nowadays game developers create games with the same technology so that everyone can play on their mobile without any extra add-ons. What we can recommend to you who prefer mobile games is to immerse yourself a little more in the games instead of the casino.

In this way, you will learn what the best mobile games are and can then choose an online casino that offers the games you find fun and easy to play on your mobile. Personally, we recommend NetEnt games for mobile players, but nowadays many other companies also offer well-adapted slots games in the mobile-only that they have not succeeded as well with the graphics in our opinion.

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