We offer players the best opportunities to play for free, sometimes even with a bonus or free spins. How then, you wonder? We’ll explain that here! By clicking on the Casino Bonuses tab, which you will find on the site’s main menu, you get access to all our exclusive online casino free spins. As one of the leading online casino guides, we have the privilege of negotiating better deals and more fun promotions than what you find at the casino itself or at other online guides even if it is a casino without a license.

By opening your account and making your first deposit (which is made in an instant at a casino without registration), our first-class slot machines automatically drop bonuses into your gaming account. It’s not harder than that! If you want to test a casino, before you sign up for it, you can often try out the casino first. We present some of the casino bonuses that you can pick up after you have finished the free entertainment and are fully ready to start playing for real so that you also have the chance to win real money!

One of our most popular bonuses used to be not entirely surprising bonuses without deposit requirements. With the new gaming law that came into force, these bonuses are prohibited. The best bonuses today are instead bonuses without wagering requirements. With them, your winnings are pure money that you can withdraw immediately if you want. In general, you can only get a welcome bonus at a casino with a license. It is only at casinos without a license that it is possible to get more bonuses, such as High Roller casino bonuses and Microgaming casino bonuses. However, there are some risks involved in playing at these casinos, most notably the risk of playing too much. As long as you choose to play for free, however, there are no problems!

Can you win real money when playing slot machines with play money?
No, there is no chance of winning real money if you play slot machines with play money. The only chance to win for real when you play for free is if you play with a bonus or free spins. If it is a casino with a license, you must first make a deposit to get your bonus. Once you play with the bonus, however, it is free money. If you win, just check if there is a wagering requirement on the bonus. In that case, you have to deposit and play for more money before you can withdraw the winnings. If, on the other hand, it is a non-turnover bonus or non-turnover free spins, you can withdraw any winnings in pure money.

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