The game of Keno is very similar to your basic lottery game. It is very easy to play and can offer hours of pure entertainment. All you have to do is pick some numbers that feel like you and sit back and watch the result. This section looks into the game a little deeper and here you will learn everything you need to know in order to test your luck in a keno game.

Your first step is to find Keno booths, either in the casino or within the online casino. You will typically find a number of booths scattered around the casino floor (or online, where applicable). If you have a problem locating one just ask someone for assistance and they will point you in the right direction. And second, find out where the winning numbers will be displayed. It is usual for a casino to have monitors set up around the casino so you can wander off and enjoy a drink or another game while taking part in the Keno sessions. But it is certain that there will be a screen at the Keno booth displaying all the numbers.

In regards to rules, these may vary from casino to casino, however, most Keno games run in the same manner. To begin, pick up a Keno card, either from one of the keno booths or if you are playing in a land-based casino, Keno runners can be found wandering around the casino floor, selling tickets to any interested players. Now you must select and mark off any numbers on the card that you feel are lucky. You can choose as little as 1 number up to 20 different numbers. However, some casinos limit the numbers chosen to 10 or 15. The numbers on the Keno sheets are numbered 1 – 80.

Once all the players have made their choices and handed in their tickets to the booth supervisors or runners, a large bowl of 80 different numbered Keno balls is mixed and 20 different balls are chosen at random. If these numbers match the ones on your card, you could be a winner. The more numbers you choose, the more matching numbers you’ll need in order to win a prize amount. So if you’ve only guessed one number and you hit that number, then you win. But if you’ve chosen 15 numbers on your card, then you will have to match more than just one number in order to win an amount. Every casino will outline for the players how many choices they are allowed to make and how many numbers they must match in order to claim a prize.

There is one very important thing you must remember when playing Keno. In many casinos’ Keno games, you MUST claim your prize within a specific time period. Make sure that you become aware of this time period, because if you’ve got a winning combination and you take too long to claim it, you’re out of luck, it’s as simple as that. Many casinos set this time period at about 5 to 10 minutes after the numbers have been called. These Keno games are referred to as “multi-race” games.

There is a way around the time period, however. Some (not all, but most) casinos offer a version of Keno referred to as “stray and play”. These games are almost exactly like your local lottery. You choose your numbers and are free to wander off or leave the casino if you like. You do not have to watch the screen to see if your numbers come up. All the outcomes of every game are stored by the casino and you are free to come back, with your ticket anytime you like to claim any prize you may be entitled to. The time period for these types of games can be up to one year for some casinos.

There are a number of different options that you have when choosing numbers, depending on the casino. A popular combination game that many plays is called the 3-3-3, 9-spot, ABC ticket. In this example, the player chooses three different 3-number combinations. If any of the three combinations is hit, the player wins. For this example, the player will mark off the three numbers in the first combination by placing an A next to them, the next combination by placing a B by the three numbers and a C for the last combination.

As mentioned above, the more numbers you choose the more you have to hit in order to get paid out. And the more numbers you hit, the higher your payout will be. You have the potential to make a lot of money off a small initial bet in this game; this is why people love Keno. For example, if you’ve chosen five numbers on your card, typically (again depending on the house rules) you will need to hit at least three numbers to win a prize. In this instance, the player would be paid out about 3 – 1 on their initial bet. But if you hit four out of the five numbers your odds have jumped to, say, 26-1. And if you happen to hit all 5 numbers then you could win over 300 times your bet.

So the best advice we have for you is to find out and follow the simple rules of the particular casino and you are sure to have fun and hopefully go home with more than you started with. And remember to find out what your time limits are for turning in your winning ticket, the worst thing that could happen to you would be to hit a winning combination but not be entitled to the prize because you weren’t paying attention.

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