Online poker is considered one of the most famous casino games ever. It is almost devoid of any casino site due to the popularity of betting games fans because of its fun, excitement and huge profit opportunities that do not depend on luck only, but on the skill and strategy used by the player to form the best hand. Winning in the game, online poker has taken its popularity from the wide popularity of traditional poker available in traditional casinos. If you have a desire to get to know the game and try to enjoy a unique betting session, whether with real money or for free; Here we will give you the basics with which you can embark on your online poker adventures.

Online poker consists of the basics of the traditional poker game, which is based on a dealer representing the casino who distributes cards and a number of players at the table up to a maximum of nine players. And on the Internet, the player enters from the gaming platform provided by the casino in which he registered through his personal computer or mobile phone to choose the poker table he wants and start placing his bet and starting the round of play.

As we said earlier, the game of poker on the net is derived from the game of traditional poker, and therefore the same rules apply on the Internet, where the player sitting to the left of the dealer is obligated to place an initial bet called the smallest bet, and the player sitting after him is required to place a bet – usually twice the smaller bet. It’s called the biggest bet. These two bets the smallest and the largest must be placed before the start of play and the distribution of cards, as the laws of the game require that there be money on the table that is being bet on.

After placing the bets, the dealer begins distributing the cards to the players, giving each player two cards, after which the players begin to play, whether by doubling the bet, stopping, surrendering, confirming, and other play orders available in the player’s options, and any poker game takes place online.There are three rounds: the flop round, in which three cards are dealt, then the turn round, in which one card is dealt, and finally the river round, which ends with the poker game ending with the formation of five cards for the player, through which the best hand is determined to be the one. Winning and losing the rest of the players.

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