Let’s say your account is verified and you request a withdrawal to the same place you made a deposit with. Then your withdrawal should be approved! But which online casinos are the fastest in processing your withdrawal to your bank account? If you have chosen to make a withdrawal with mastercard/visa or trustly, we believe that you should have the money in your bank account no later than the next day. If you choose to withdraw the money to an e-wallet, it usually goes fairly quickly to the e-wallet itself, but then it can take a few days to get it to your bank account.

Online casinos can be mean here and take a long time to process your withdrawal. Why? Well, they want you to cancel your withdrawal yourself and continue playing with your winnings. Since the money is just a click away and very close at hand, there are many people who cannot wait for the withdrawal. You simply cancel the withdrawal and continue playing. The probability is then greater that you lose your money than that you increase your game balance for a new withdrawal. It’s also not particularly fun if you have to wait 48 hours for your withdrawal to be approved and then instead have it denied.

If your withdrawal has been refused, there are usually two reasons for this. The absolute most common is that you have not verified your account. All serious casinos will ask you to verify your account details. You can verify your account long before you make a withdrawal. This is a process you will have to go through regardless and you might as well do your verification right after you make your first deposit. If you have submitted your documents and everything is verified and ready before your withdrawal is made, you will avoid that part of the process at a later stage.

The other reason why your withdrawal was denied is that you chose a different withdrawal method than the one you made your deposit with. You cannot therefore deposit money with one method and then move the money to another withdrawal point. It could lead to money laundering and fraud. If you want additional security for your money, an e-wallet is valid as a deposit method. But then you also have to count on the fact that you need to make 2 transfers to withdraw money to your bank account. First from the online casino to the e-wallet, and then from the e-wallet to your bank account.

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