Android is still the most widespread operating system in the world, and most people therefore play casino on their mobile with android, be it via a phone from samsung, xiaomi or sony. The principle is exactly the same as in the paragraph above, i.e. You simply visit your chosen casino via the browser on your mobile phone, and are greeted by a customized mobile version – there you log in and play as usual, albeit with a somewhat simplified design. The advantage of mobile casino on android is that the operating system is far more open, therefore each player has more freedom to adapt the design for each individual device. In addition, you have a number of settings available, all of which can strengthen or weaken the battery life.

The samsung galaxy s series is perfect for mobile casino. Xiaomi phones have a built-in boost system that boosts performance. All android devices allow third-party casino apps. Mobile casino on iphone if you have an iphone, in the form of the latest flagship or an older model, you are faced with one tiny challenge: you cannot download any casino apps to these mobile phones, since the norwegian authorities prohibit apps for gambling in the country’s app store. Fortunately, this can be considered a trifle, since all mobile casinos on the iphone work perfectly directly in the browser, without requiring any download whatsoever.

In addition, these phones are often several notches more powerful and offer better performance than the competitors’ models, so you can look forward to fast and gripping action in front of thousands of popular slot machines, table games and live casino!

The iphone pro max series offers by far the best experience. Iphone x and older models will lose battery life quickly with new games. Iphone should be kept up-to-date in order not to miss out on certain features. List of other popular devices that support mobile casinos. In general, you should be able to play casino on all possible mobile devices, as long as they contain a browser – not just mobile phones and tablets, in fact: you can also play casino on apple tv, android tv, certain gps and navigation systems, as well as certain e-readers!

If you have access to the internet and a browser, you just go to your chosen online casino, log in and play on your way. It has never been so easy to enjoy entertainment, wherever you are. Enjoy some slot machines in the cabin, try classic table games while you wait for the train, buy a few scratch cards during your lunch break at work or play bingo while relaxing in the bath!