Let it Ride is an exciting casino game developed by Shuffle Master. It has enjoyed tremendous popularity in casinos throughout the country because of these unique playing features:

It is easy an easy game to play and it is based on all games of poker. Players do not compete against each other or for that matter against the dealer. It is the only casino game where a player can remove up to two-thirds of his initial bet if he doesn’t think his hand will win.

The objective of the game is to end up with a five-card poker hand of at least a pair of tens or higher. If you do, you will win and the payoff depends upon the ranking of the hand. The higher the rank, the greater the payoff, up to 1000 to 1 for the royal flush.

The game is played on a blackjack size table with room for up to seven players. At the start of each game, each player must make 3 bets in 3 different betting circles or spots marked “1”, “2”, and “$”. The fact that you must wager at least 3 times the table minimum on each hand is in itself quite unique compared to other table games. For example, if the table minimum is $5, you start each hand with a $15 bet. Even though you’ve wagered $15, you will see that you have the opportunity to remove or take down up to two of the initial three bets (up to $10).

Each player examines his initial 3 cards and based on the strength of the hand or potential to end up with at least a pair of 10s or higher, the player must decide to let the bet in his #1 spot ride or take it down.

After this, the dealer will face one of the community cards. This becomes the 4th card for each player. Each player must decide based on the strength of the four cards whether to let the #2 bet ride or take it down.

After this, another round of community cards takes place. So now, you have 5 card hands. If your five-card poker hand doesn’t contain at least a pair of 10s or higher, you lose the bet, otherwise, you win the amount listed in the payoff schedule depending upon the rank of the poker hand. It should be fairly obvious that you should always let your first and second bet ride if your initial three cards were a pair of 10s or higher.

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