There are a couple of table games that are more popular than all others, and they are called blackjack and roulette. In this guide, we’ll go through everything worth knowing about the card game, from how it works (for beginners) to strategies specifically tailored to online blackjack.

We will start everything from the beginning and explain all the blackjack rules, and how the game works. Blackjack is a card game where the goal is to beat the house, and not, as you might think, to get as close to 21 as possible. But there is much more to tell about blackjack rules than that.

Blackjack is played with different numbers of decks, but always with at least one complete, i.e. 52 cards. Here’s the basics, step by step:

The house (dealer) deals two cards to each player and two cards to himself

The players get to see both of their cards, but the house shows only one card, the other is face down

Now each player gets 5 picks (depending on the cards received)

Stand, take another card, fold, double or split – these are the 5 choices (not all choices are available on all tables)

It’s the players against the house

So even if another casino player ends up with a better score than you, you will win as long as you beat the house. But then the next question mark pops up, namely where the five choices actually mean. We explain:

You make do with what you have. You can’t make any more picks after you stay, so now you just have to hope the house doesn’t win!

Take another card
Dare you take a chance? As soon as you stand on twelve or higher, there is always a risk with taking another card, because if you end up on 22 or higher, you become fat and lose immediately.

Give up
Wave the white flag! So what’s the point of giving up instead of staying? Well, if you give up, you get half of your bet back! If you choose to stay, and then lose, you get nothing back. This option is usually not available on most tables online.

Double your bet if you feel sure of winning! If you choose this option, you just draw one more card, then it’s over – regardless of what the card shows.

Split (split)
If you get a pair (two fives, two sixes, two kings or similar) as your first two cards, you have the option to split. A split means that you practically create a copy of yourself. The copy gets one of the cards and plays it completely separately (but of course you still control the copy). But the copy also requires its own bet, so if you choose to split, you double the bet.

OK, there’s actually one more choice, but it’s relatively rare so it gets a special spot at the bottom! If the house’s face-up card initially shows an ace, you can choose whether you want to insure yourself against the house getting blackjack. Insurance usually costs half your stake, and pays double. That is, double the cost of what you invested in the insurance.

The basis of blackjack rules is thus to beat the house, and it often goes hand in hand with ending up close to 21. The name of the game comes from the card combination ace and suit card (i.e. king, queen or jack) or ten. If you get that combination, you win instantly because you land on 21 with your first two cards!

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