Texas Holdem is played with a typical 52-card deck and has quite an easy set of rules so that one can easily understand them and begin playing. There are three versions of the game. Limit Holdem (a player may raise to a specific limit) Pot Limit Holdem (a player may raise to the amount of money in the pot) No Limit Holdem (a player may bet any amount of chips up to the number in front of him). Each variant of the game has its own specific formulary. But the general rules are as follows:

Each player gets two cards to face down and the round of betting starts. After this goes the flop, which means that the first three community cards are put on the table face up, all together. The player can choose five-card combinations using both hole and board cards. The main goal of each player is to use any combination of hand and community cards, which may be a successful one, and, as a result, to win the pot at https://japanese-casino.com/.

Usually, the Holdem Poker game consists of four betting rounds. Each player receives two personal cards face down. After the first betting round the dealer opens three cards from the deck and turns the board cards making a flop. Then goes the second betting session after which the dealer opens another card from the community. The players bet for the third time and the dealer turns over the last card from the community. The game ends with the showdown, of course only in case a final bet or raise is called.

One should remember that each player is allowed to make not more than four bets and three raises during each betting round. At any part of the game, a player can fold that is move his cards to the dealer. From that moment he is not considered part of the game.

Texas Holdem Books

You should have a solid theoretical basis in case you want your practical activity to be a good one. The best way to understand the theoretical concepts of Texas Hold’em is to read books on this topic. Still, it is necessary not to choose the wrong book.

Nowadays, with the tremendous spread of poker, it seems that every second person writes books about the game. All of them would call themselves ‘poker gurus,’ ‘poker experts’ etc. So if you are trying to choose something to read on this topic, it is very difficult not to be drowned in the vast ocean of literature.

But if a person hasn’t ever won a single major tournament, what does he know about the winning strategy? But as in every sphere of human activity, there are good practical players as well as famous theorists in poker. You just can’t understand the process of the game if you haven’t read some books by the most authoritative poker theorist David Sklansky or “the father of modern poker” and “America’s Mad Genius” Mike Caro. These people are living classics, though they aren’t famous winners. They are famous coaches. Always try to choose books by authors you know about. So, enjoy these pieces of knowledge and improve your game.

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