In the past, it was common that you needed to download an app when you wanted to play casino online on your mobile. Today, it is rather unusual for casino sites to even have an app, but games usually take place directly in the mobile browser.

Playing casino on mobile is very easy, and the most popular payment methods today are mainly designed for mobile use. When you play at a online casino, you will play with bankid, something most people have in their mobile phone.

Although all casinos have a mobile-friendly site, some casinos are more mobile-friendly than others. If you want to be sure that you get the best mobile experience, you can choose a casino that has received awards for its mobile casino. An example of such a casino is leovegas , which has won the award for best mobile casino several times.

A big reason for playing mobile casino is that you still have your mobile available. Just as we mentioned above, you will need to have your bankid when you register and when you log in to a casino with a license. The vast majority of people have their bankid in their mobile phone today, which means that you will need to verify yourself with the mobile phone. So why not just as easily play from your mobile when you still need to have it available? It is therefore not surprising that accessibility and flexibility have contributed to most people choosing mobile games.

Another reason is that many payment methods are adapted for use on mobile phones. With the most flexible methods, you only need to verify the payment with your mobile bankid, but even if you pay with an e-wallet, for example, it is today the easiest to do it via the e-wallet’s own app.

Then of course we have the obvious reason that you can play wherever you are. You probably won’t start pulling out your laptop to spin a few spins on a slot machine when you’re sitting on your way home from the trains. But the chance of you picking up your mobile phone, surfing into jalla casino and taking a few spins on any slot machine is definitely greater, and definitely makes the time go by faster.

Today, it is usually very easy and convenient to play mobile casino. Of course, the easiest way is if you choose a pay n play casino , but traditional casinos are also easy. Keep in mind that you need wifi or at least 4g to be able to play mobile casino. Today, all mobile casinos are casinos with bankid, which makes the entire gaming experience smoother, but above all, it is safe to use mobile bankid to get started with games.