Free spins are a well-known bonus scheme that you can come across if you use an online casino. This bonus scheme allows you to spin one more round on the slot machine without using or having to add to your own deposit. It is the casino itself that decides which game you can use the spins on, but you still get a free round.

Free spins or free spins are usually awarded when you create a user. This is a nice welcome to a new casino and a way for the casino to try to give you the best experience. You can also receive free spins as a thank you for your loyalty if you use your account a lot.

Something you should be aware of when it comes to free spins, and generally bonus schemes at casinos, are the terms. Each casino has its own rules and it is therefore good to do a little checking before you accept anything. For example, there may be a requirement for a minimum deposit if the free spins are offered in connection with a new user. It may also happen that the prize must be used at the casino, meaning that you will not be able to withdraw the amount you win on free spins.

The different casinos also have different rules when it comes to the turnover requirement for the free spins. One and the same casino may even have several different rules, so it is important that you take a look at the terms before accepting and accepting the spins.

Your chances of winning

When it comes to the winning chances on free spins, many people think that these will be lower than with spins you have paid for. This is not true, the reason why many have got this opinion is probably because most free spins do not have such a high stake value. In other words, they are worth less, which means that you would like to win a smaller amount.

The reason it works this way is because the winning amount is dependent on the bet amount. You will therefore win more if you bet more because you win a percentage of what you have bet. This means that a high stake will give a high profit and a low stake will give a lower profit. The chances of winning are thus not less, but the winnings are often lower.