There’s a fantastic range of different online casino games on offer, and for those people who’ve never played any of the casino classics, there’s nothing to fear as there are some really easy-to-play games to start off with. One such example is Red or Black. Hi Lo and if ever a game was easy to play, this has to be it! That’s not to say it’s at all dull though, quite the opposite in fact, and the opportunity to carry on playing when you’re on a winning streak will really add to the excitement. You don’t even need to become a member of Jackpot to start playing some of the best casino games available online as many of the games can be played in demo mode.

It’s simply a question of betting whether the next card you pick will be red or black or higher or lower than the card you just chose. You can choose the coin value between 20p and £50 a play on this game. When you’ve chosen the coin value, you then need to choose which card will be turned over.

Decide whether you are going to bet on the next card being black or red, or high or low. If you like, you can choose to bet on both the color and whether the card will be high or low. Each variant you add to the bet increases the winning margin, and you can see what you stand to gain if your chosen bet comes off. The Jackpot visuals are really crisp and clear and you’ll have the impression of playing in a real casino at, especially if you have the sound on with the ambient noise in the background.

Hi or Lo if you can get past the second card, then you will be automatically entered into a bonus round. Here you will see two gift boxes and all you need to do is choose one of them. They both contain a guaranteed cash prize it’s just up to you whether to pick the red or black one. Like many other casino games on Jackpot, a lot of the fun comes in the special features and bonuses that you can discover as you play. At the moment, Jackpot has a fantastic welcome deposit bonus for anyone setting up a new account with a £10 deposit. The site will add another £25 to your balance, giving you plenty of cash to start placing bets on casino games or playing on the slot machines or buying bingo tickets.

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