Brief History of the Slot Machine


The slot machine is one of the most iconic casino games. The first model was inspired by mechanical casters. The slot machine was born. This first opus is triggered manually. Interested parties had to operate a handle. This is where the name one armed bandit came to designate this machine.

Fey has never stopped improving this game of chance in The first version was based on a 3 wheel system. This technique only allowed a hundred combinations. The first variant with automatic reels saw the light of day, then progressed to offer a thousand possible combinations. Initially, only a few symbols were spinning on the reels. Augusts fey has endeavored to improve the aesthetics of his slot machine by integrating other designs. Thus, the players saw a bell, poker cards and horseshoes.

From a sociological point of view, this entertainment has suffered many criticisms before becoming one of the most popular pastimes. Fey’s contemporaries took a dim view of real-money slot entry. Many good citizens have challenged lawmakers to ban it. The puritans of the time did not condone this way of making money.

The prohibition that was then in place strongly curbed gambling. However, Herbert mills managed to save the slot machine. He turned it into a candy dispenser. In the process, he added fruit to the symbols. Nowadays, this game has nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

In 1963, the new electronic slot machine entered the scene. The lever resists the onslaught of time before being replaced by a button. The possible winnings are multiplied and this entertainment appeals to players of all ages. In 1976, bettors discovered video slot machines with pleasure. Since then, they have become an essential hobby. All gambling establishments worthy of the name have a range of slot machines.

However, the real revolution comes with the advent of the online casino Thanks to this technological progress, access to various games of chance is facilitated. Some land-based casinos reserve their entry to a certain clientele or to compliance with a dress code. Online casinos do not require such conditions. In addition, online slot machines develop very varied themes that delight bettors. The stakes remain affordable, while the winnings can be staggering. Indeed, innovation is always at the rendezvous. Now, online slot machines come with countless bonuses. Even the pay lines are revolutionary!

In addition, these slots casinos offer demo modes. The interested party has the possibility of playing on free slots in order to become familiar with the various functionalities.

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