The new way to play and test your luck may probably be to scratch cards online. Many of us are like every day, week or month trying our luck by scratching scratch cards, we think that maybe today it is our turn to win sometimes it happens! Among lotteries, Triss is probably the most familiar to the average man, the most common slot machine costs 25 and on such a slot machine you can win a maximum of 2.5 million. However, there is an extra small box on all slot machines where you have the opportunity to multiply your winnings by one, two or as many as ten times.

Combine the big win with the help of online scratch cards
If you scratch out three boxes that contain clover symbols, it is also a TV draw that applies. At least you win 10,000 a month for ten years and at most 25,000 a month for 25 years. You can also choose to receive the entire profit as a lump sum instead, but then you get only half a million kroner. Triss is available both in a paper variant to buy at the gaming agent, but also in an online version to virtually scratch on the computer or mobile phone.

Playing online is becoming increasingly popular among players, not only when it comes to scratch cards, but it applies to all types of games at It is both simple and comfortable to take care of your gaming from home on the computer, where you can calmly choose your numbers, names and the tickets that feel right. You also avoid the stress that can often arise inside a gaming agent store and the risk of making mistakes is also less. By playing online, you also get to know immediately if you have won the scratch cards or not.

Buying a scratch card online is not more expensive than purchasing them in a store. However, you do not get quite the same feeling from letting the automatic scraper scrape the lot for you, but you instead avoid a lot of other hassles and eventually, you have got used to the automatic. Many people even think it’s nice to not have to scratch the lots themselves. You can create a gaming account on any gaming site that you top up with as much money as you feel you want and can afford to play for per week or month, then from time to time, you choose to scratch a scratch card.

It is of course important that you do not let yourself be blinded by the dreaded game devil, far too many people easily fall there once they start and start playing and this applies regardless of the type of game it is about. Suddenly it might happen that you yourself sit there with your scratch cards online and scoop up a few million, think what a feeling it would be!

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