You can find poker online at most online casinos. Some often only have in the form of video poker.

For those who want to play online poker against other players, e.g. Texas hold’em or five card draw, the casinos often have their own departments with poker clients where you can play against players from all over the world. Here you can play either cash games or tournaments against other players.

When you choose a casino to play online poker, you should choose a serious casino that has all licenses in order and that is designed for players. At the most popular online casinos, you will find good speaking poker clients where you can deposit money.

Many of the best casinos with online poker also have their own bonuses for their players who deposit money to play poker for the first time.

For those who want to play online poker against other players, we recommend online casinos such as betsson, unibet, betsafe and nordicbet. Here you will find thousands of cash tables and tournaments where you play with real money against players from all over the world.

Different types of online poker

The casinos offer a number of different online poker games. In this article, we focus particularly on poker where you play against other players, but we also go through other types of poker games that you can find at an online casino.

Texas hold’em

Perhaps the most popular online poker game is called texas hold’em. This is one of the classic poker games where you are dealt two cards in your hand and then five community cards on the table in front of you. The cards on the table are laid out one by one, and along the way you place bets based on whether you think you have the best combination of a total of five cards.

Five card draw

Another popular card game, and perhaps the most popular to play in family gatherings, is five card draw. Here you start with five cards in your hand, and play against the other players to see who has the most combination of cards.

Caribbean stud poker

Caribbean stud poker is a common poker game at online casinos. This card game is based on 5-card stud poker, but the difference is that you play against a dealer / the casino instead of against other players.

Video poker

A classic poker game you will find at the casinos is video poker. Video poker is a slot game similar to five card draw. The aim is to get the best combination of cards on the screen after switching cards in a round.

How to play poker online

The rules for online poker vary greatly depending on which poker game you play. Here we concentrate on texas hold’em, which is the most popular online poker game.

Texas hold’em usually has between 2 and 10 players. The players are dealt two cards each in their hand, and five community cards are dealt on the table which all players can use to make the best five-card hand.

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