Best casino apps with betting strategies


In times of quarantine, the gambling market had a great increase in the volume of accesses and consequently of bets as well. As people need to stay at home a lot, naturally the search for hobbies on the internet increases and with that casino sites appear more. So, at this time, the search for apps to bet through the cell phone also grows, in addition to a greater demand for strategies. Many people already know that it is possible to find some strategies to bet with greater chances of winning.

Betting with strategy
On the online betting sites, the activities are programmed to be profitable for the bookmakers in the long term. That’s why you need to analyze very well where to put your money to increase your chances of winning at If your goal is just to play once in a while and you are not going to dedicate yourself to the bottom, the most recommended would be to bet on slots with a high return to player percentage.

It is possible to find slots with RTP of up to 99% in the apps of the main bookmakers. It’s easy and simple, you just need to click spin, as the house edge is minuscule you have chances to make some profitable sessions. But if you want to study and dedicate yourself to enjoying and earning money with sports betting, the most recommended thing is to study a sport in-depth and place live bets (in play). In-play betting is along with poker the best chance you have of coming out positive with any consistency.

Live to bet
As the name implies, live bets are those that you make during the match, the best thing is that in exchange markets you can bet and close the bet with a fraction of profit or loss at any time. This possibility exists because the odds are constantly fluctuating during matches. That’s why experienced bettors who have in-depth knowledge of the sport in question are able to predict how the odds will move, taking advantage of this they place several bets and profit a little from each one.

To carry out this type of operation, the best application is by far Betfair, where they have the largest number of events, markets and the odds are usually very attractive as well. An important point to pay attention to is to define a strategy in advance and follow it to the letter, because it is very easy to “get lost” during a game if you go out betting randomly, usually this causes great damage to the bankroll of those who bet without any discipline.

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