Although slots are only about spins, did you know that sometimes you can spin these reels for free? Thanks to a combination of bonuses and free spins, you can actually play some of the best slots on the market without having to spend a single penny. And as if free spins on slots themselves were not generous enough, you can also win real cash that is not tied to any specific wagering requirement!

This guide only focuses on casinos that offer free spins, how they work and why you need them. But let’s start with a brief introduction and take a look at where you can take advantage of the latest free spins offers. In fact, most top-rated online casinos offer different types of slots bonuses in one way or another. These can either include regular free spins, free spins bonuses or various slots competitions.

Some casinos place more emphasis on slots bonuses than others, but in general, almost all casinos have at least some form of bonus to offer at regular intervals. So if you are looking for the latest and most lucrative offers for free spins today, we at are your best guide!

What are free spins?
Free spins are really just what it sounds like a bonus that gives you a number of free spins on one or more selected slots. Basically, free spins do not differ from other types of free bets in the gaming world. Let’s take an example: If you were to receive a $50 bonus to spend on blackjack, this bonus money could be used on a limited range of games.

The same goes for free spins on slots. Then you will also get a certain number of spins dedicated to one or more specific games. The big difference is really just that free spins are a bit more structured than the offers for free games. With a $50 blackjack bonus, you can choose to bet as much or as little as you want on an individual game round. You may decide to place $10 on five different rounds of play, or reduce the size of the bet to $5 and make 10 bets per occasion. Free spins do not work quite as flexibly. The value of a spin is locked. The value usually ranges between $1 and $10. This means that if you get 10 free spins, for example, you will have to play through all these 10 spins.

Slots have winnings that can be worth as much as 1,000x your bet, or even more. So even if you can not adjust the size of the bet to the same extent as on-the-table games, your potential payback on free spins is clearly higher than it would be with another type of free game. That is exactly why the operators offer it. Casinos are designed to be entertaining, but they are also business-oriented. If you are offered the opportunity to play a popular slot for free, with a chance to win prizes worth 10,000 kronor or more, you will surely want to take it!

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