Winning Big at Online Progressive Slots

Winning Big at Online Progressive Slots

The world of online progressive slots is one of the areas of casino game play where genuine fortunes can genuinely be made. The biggest games online can pay out over one million pounds to the lucky winners. The concept behind online progressive slots is a very simple one. Each time you play, a tiny amount from every spin goes into the jackpot pool. As no one hits the jackpot, it grows and grows…and grows! With dozens of players online each day the jackpots can – and do – increase with impressive speed.

There is one thing you have to remember when playing online progressive slots and that is to bet the maximum number of coins when playing – that’s how you get the chance at the big money. So, if you normally play for 25p or 25c a spin and aren’t comfortable with the maximum number of coins at that price, then go for 10p or 10c a spin instead.One of the biggest examples on line is the Mega Moolah slot. At the time of writing, the jackpot for the king of the online progressive slots is £1.6mn and rising!

While this is a 5 reel slot, you can also find good online progressive slots with just 3 reels, increasing your chances of hitting the big win. For example, the “Major Millions” is a three reel slot that is offering a £250,000 jackpot. There is simply no other game you will find at any online casino that can give you the chance of winning life changing sums of money for a small investment, so if you dream of winning big, then get playing online progressive slots!

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