Winning At the Slot Machines – Online Slots Strategy

Winning At the Slot Machines – Online Slots Strategy

I have been playing slots in online casino and in real casinos for years. I have hit jackpots, triple sevens; double triple sevens, triple sevens and so on, paying me thousands of dollars for a twenty five cent bet. In fact, I hit some sort of jackpot just about every time I play (Of course being a gambling fiend, I often spend a good portion of my winnings within the casino trying to find more jackpots… but that’s a story for another time).

If you believe that winning at slots is only about luck, then by all means, find your lucky slot machine and stick with it until you win…. or not. But if you are looking for a slot machine strategy then something gives you an advantage over the slot machines, whether online or at a real casino. You may want to read this article.It is a fact that certain slot machines will be paying out. Every machine will eventually payout. The trick is to know which machines are paying out when.

Just because the machine you just started playing pays you out within the first few spins does not mean that machine is necessarily hot and just because a particular machine has not hit a payout within the first few spins does not mean that a significant and consistent payout streak is not coming.In other words, if slot machines are programmed to payout a certain amount (which they are) than technically speaking, you have an advantage. The advantage is that you know that every slot machine on the floor will payout a significant amount sooner or later.

In a real casino, you could just hang around any given slot machine, watch the payouts as people come and go playing that particular machine, wait until you think it’s due for a large payout and then jump on it. However, this technique has several flaws… for one; it’s just poor etiquette to hover over someone’s shoulder as they play a slot machine. Actually, that really pisses me off if someone (especially a stranger) is lurking behind my back where I can’t see them. I’ll usually get up and leave if they persist. Another thing is that you may have to wait quite a while as many slot players are loyal to their machines and might not abandon the game for hours. Add in the factor that a regulated slot machine, though will payout sooner or later must follow a random algorithm.

So it may not payout even after hours of continuous play. And last but not least… This “stand-By” technique only works in a real casino where you can physically watch someone play. You cannot do this at an online casino. However, Microgaming online slot machines feature a “Jackpot Thermometer” which acts as a temperature Gauge showing which slots are “HOT” and which ones are not according to when the jackpot was last hit. If it was hit over a few days or so it is probably very hot right now and ready to be hit, if it was hit 5 minutes ago, then the temperature is low. Microgaming uses a temperature range from 80 to 999 for each slot machine. The reading indicates the last time a jackpot was won.

The higher the reading, the longer it has been since the last jackpot was hit. Microgaming emphasizes that this gauge does not indicate that a jackpot has a greater or lesser chance of hitting as the machine pays out randomly. I do find this helpful to my technique but it is just like hanging around a machine in a real casino waiting to see how it pays out.

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