Video poker can be said to be a kind of combination of card game poker and slots. It is different from regular poker, but there are also many similarities. In video poker, the player’s skill is also important, which makes it especially interesting for those looking for challenges at online casinos. The similarities with regular online poker also consist of you using the same card combinations as in regular poker. One of the most popular variants of video poker that you will find at online casinos is Jacks or Better. Another popular variant of video poker is “Deuces Wild”. Just like in regular poker, video poker is about getting the best possible poker hand, something you do by swapping cards and keeping the ones you believe in.

Video Poker odds
Some players think that poker machines are a waste of time and money and go straight to slot machines to try their luck there instead. In fact, online video poker has proven to be much more generous to players than slot machines. Video Poker is actually one of the few casino games where players have a real chance to win more than they lose.

For beginners, it may sometimes seem that chance is the deciding factor, but more experienced players and experts know that it is also largely a matter of skill. Every decision during the game will have an impact on the outcome, something that is not the case when it comes to slots. In Video Poker, the average payout percentage is between 97-99%, which is significantly better than in slots. In other words, the player has a greater chance of winning at Video Poker than with slot machines.

Video Poker tips
The most popular variant of video poker that you can find at most online poker sites is “Jacks or Better”. Another very popular variant of video poker is “Deuces Wild”. There are also several other variants of video poker, but the two mentioned above are the most common. The basic rules of both of these video poker variants are quite similar and easy to remember. Therefore, they are also suitable for beginners.

With the right skill, strategy and a little luck, there are great opportunities that you can win at video poker. The fact that you play against a machine and not against other players makes it especially useful with certain strategies as several of the psychological aspects are away from the game.

The beginner
Especially as a beginner, it can be good to decide on a suitable strategy to increase the chances of winning. Remember to always run practice rounds on trial before playing with money as a stake. Video poker differs from regular slots even though it is the only game that shows you the expected payback on a payout schedule. It should always be a top priority to choose a machine that provides opportunities for good payouts. After that, it’s about choosing a strategy that gives you the best odds of collecting winning hands.

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