There is no doubt that live blackjack games are one of the most popular card games that are accepted by many players in the world.

The table : It is a semi-circular table around which players sit in addition to the dealer, and playing cards, bets, and chips are placed on it, and the cards of each hand are revealed on it to announce the winning player. Sometimes more than one table may be used.

Cards : Live Blackjack games include a deck of cards consisting of 52 cards, and more than one deck may be used, and the decks are placed face down on the playing table.

The table distributor : It may be a man or a girl of great beauty, and she is responsible for managing the game round, in terms of distributing cards, giving instructions during the game to the players, and announcing the winning player.

The second round of play: the blackjack cards are distributed in the same way as before, and each player calculates the value of his hand, and predicts the value of the cards that are with the dealer, and at that time he can choose one of the following options:

If the value of his cards is less than 16, he can request a third card, and at that time he clicks on the request button, and if the value he has is still less than the required value, he can signal to the table manager to distribute a fourth card to him.

If you feel that the value of your cards guarantees you a win, you may request no more cards (Stand). You can click the abstain button so that you are not handed a third card.

Sometimes the value of the two cards that you got may be the same, that is, for example, with a value of 5, at that time you can divide the two cards into two groups in a hand, and put the two cards far from each other on the table, so the dealer understands that you chose to divide the hand and distributes two cards to you, the third on the first and the fourth on the second At that time, you must place an additional bet, which increases your chances of winning.

If you have secured a strong hand, you can request to double your bet to double your winnings. (Double).

Surrender Option: When you see that it is difficult to improve your chance of winning and you are far from the desired value, you can draw an imaginary line on the table with your finger, so the dealer knows that you have decided to choose a surrender (surrender).

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