VIP Casino Games

VIP Casino Games

The competition among online casinos is huge, and more and more players are choosing to focus all their attention on the players out there. It is important to give the casino players as positive, beneficial an experience as possible this is how you ensure loyalty. Some players, however, demand a little extra, and this is where the so-called VIP casino comes into the picture. Read through this article to understand exactly how the casino for high rollers works, what they can offer you, as well as how much you have to play if you want VIP treatment at

As you can probably hear from the name, these online casinos are reserved for players with a little extra money in their pockets. Those who can afford to invest a little extra money in their entertainment. In return, you get a completely different, far more personal experience with better offers, better withdrawals, better bonuses, better follow-up and more value for money. The first thing you can look forward to when choosing a VIP casino is a completely different welcome package than what you may have become accustomed to at regular online casinos.

As a VIP player, you are expected to make a slightly larger deposit than regular players. In return, a VIP casino will reward you with giant bonus sums that multiply your chances at the spot. It is not unusual to receive the offer to deposit 10,000 kroner, and then receive 20,000 kroner in bonus money. Can you imagine what you can accomplish with a total of 30,000 kroner in the casino account? How many games do you get to try? How high stakes can you play with? Along with a juicy VIP welcome bonus, you can receive countless free spins, free games for betting, free bingo boards with maximum value, and so on. More returns for your money.

Another solid advantage of a VIP casino is the quick withdrawals you can look forward to. As a rule, you have to wait at least a day before your transaction is approved, and then it can take up to five days before the money arrives. At a casino for high rollers, the situation is very different. Your withdrawal is approved continuously, often within minutes, and the money is usually sent off in a hurry so you can enjoy the winnings the very next day. In addition, any verifications and checks will prioritize you first, so you do not have to wait for your documents to be reviewed: you are always first in line.

The VIP welcome bonus is good, but it never stops there. When you play at a VIP casino, you will receive bonus money with every single deposit. Often the match bonuses are not advertised or sent out in the newsletters even you just contact your personal VIP contact and say how much money you want to deposit, then he/she will fix a tailored match bonus in a short time. The casino games would also like to emphasize that match bonuses for VIP players often have lower wagering requirements. You often get bonus money completely without conditions.

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