Video poker tips

Video poker tips

Players can read these tips before playing in online casino  or land based. Playing video poker differs from playing a friendly game of poker with your friends. Here you play against a machine, and there are no rounds of beer served, or a pizza delivered while you play. In addition, you don’t have a friendly chat going on while playing video poker. Since you are playing video pokers there are some tips that you must be aware of when playing this format of poker. The first rule is to understand the rules of poker that you are playing. You may be playing jacks or better, deuces wild, joker poker, or a straight game without any wild cards. Therefore, be sure you understand the format you are playing.

The second tip on video poker is to know exactly for how much you want to play. Don’t just enter your credit card information and then start playing; keep a check on your bets. Once you have reached your limit fold your hand, and switch off the game. Another tip on video poker is to play a game that deals a single deck, don’t play video poker on sites that use multiple decks, as this will reduce your chances of winning. Some players suggest that you should play fast, and the faster you play the better.

Nevertheless, this is arguable as the machine is not going to reshuffle the cards, and in the heat of the moment, you may discard the wrong card. Therefore, take your time before you make your move.

Here are some video poker tips that you must follow:-

Never draw five cards if you have a jack or higher card.

Never hold on to a kicker when you have a pair.

If you have a flush try and draw a royal flush.

Never draw a card when you have a straight.

Only draw three cards for a royal flush.

Look for video poker games that pay six coins for a flush and nine for a full house. Make sure you understand the payout of each video poker game you play. Don’t play multiple games at the same time unless you are a poker pro, and can remember each game and make the right moves. Another useful tip is to avoid playing the bonus round after a winning unless you are sure about your strategy. You should play the maximum number of coins, as there is a bonus for this.

There are different strategies to follow when you are playing the different video poker games. Play nickels at a maximum of 25 cents per hand, as the payout on a flush is better than playing some quarter versions. If you are on a losing streak, you must be patient, as your luck will change. Some versions of video poker prompt you on which cards to hold and the ones to discard, but if you know your poker, make your own decision. Remember playing video poker requires a skill set, and only play it when you understand for that you are in and, the chances of winning.

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