Tips for Betting In-Play

Tips for Betting In-Play

One of the latest phenomenon’s in the world of sports betting is “in play” bets. As the name suggests, this involves the punter betting on a sport when it is being played live – meaning they have much more information about the state of the encounter. If in-play bets are placed strategically, one has the potential to turn a very good profit. However, there are big risks associated with this form of gambling and it is therefore worth following several useful tips.

Don’t take silly back and lay prices

One of the big and most expensive for that matter, mistakes that a lot of punters make is falling into the “favourite” trap. When watching a live event it can be very easy to see a clear favourite, and lump on all your money on the result remaining the same. Usually, you will be given poor odds and while the chances of success are quite high, if you do not win you are generally left with a big loss.

Make sure you are watching a live feed of the event

This is a common mistake for in-play betting. Several years ago, before mobile betting, some punters were making huge profits by accessing live feeds of all horse racing from an obscure satellite. They were receiving their pictures around five seconds before everyone else – thus giving them a five second advantage to pick up the best odds.Bearing the above in mind, make sure that the feed you are watching is completely up to date – otherwise you could be hit with a massive disadvantage.

Keep track of the time delay when placing a bet

When you place a bet with most bookmakers there will be a time delay – usually of a few seconds. This means that your bet is not placed immediately, meaning that there is a chance that the price will change or the market will even close. As an event draws to a close, it might become easier for you to predict the outcome – yet still make sure you account for those extra few seconds and give yourself enough time to make your bet worthwhile.

Remember the key statistics

As your sports betting career develops, you will start to find that more and more sports follow a similar pattern of stats. For example, if the underdog scores first in the early stages of a football game, it’s common practice for the opponents to score at least one goal in reply sometime later. Another common stat is that around 33% of football matches are goalless at half time, which could aid you as well. Take note of such statistics and use them to your advantage when you bet in-play.

Be careful if you decide to use any betting offers

While betting offers can be very lucrative, a lot are not applicable to in-play events. Therefore, if you are going to use a bonus deal, make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly otherwise you could be stung.

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