The rules of craps

The rules of craps

The first roll of the dice in a round is called “the come out roll.” The initial opening bet in this Game of Dice, placed immediately before “the come out roll” is called “the pass line bet”. If the dice together show either 11 or 7, a “pass line bet” will immediately win, and lose if the dice show 2 (snake eyes) 3 (cross eyes) or 12 (box cars).If 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 is the sum of the dice in “the come out roll” this sum becomes “the point” (the open number). The mark (Normally “ON”) indicates that the open number has been created “4, 5, SIX, 8, NINE or 10”.

The thrower, also called the banker, now continues to roll the dice until he hits “the point” or the 7 to end the game. If the thrower first hits the open number, then a “pass line bet” will win. However, if the thrower rolls and the dice show 7 first (“sevens out”), the “pass line bet” will then lose.To end game round and resolve pass line bet, thrower must either hit the open number, or the number seven after “the come out roll”. The possibility that game may take an entire evening may occur. This is seen and occurs if the thrower throws neither 7 nor the open number.

Pass line bets cannot be won until the open number is displayed as the number of eyes in a stroke. Likewise, such an effort cannot be lost until 7 is hit. This is because unfinished “pass line bets” must not be deleted from the game table. The player must wait for the open number to be hit, or the number 7 to be hit to determine the outcome of the game.

The dice game, Craps, is considered to be the primary game for real gamblers.
Behind it, the dice game has a long history, and many find it a very difficult game to learn, but the truth is actually just that there is a great variety of betting options. Craps is really simple.Part of the craps strategy may be to think carefully about where you can place your bets, instead of getting caught up in the mood around the table. If you really want to win money at the casino , be ready to use a strategy for Craps.

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