The best roulette casino

The best roulette casino

The game of roulette has one of the most distinguished stories within casino. It has existed largely since the beginning, has evolved along the way, but has nevertheless managed to accommodate the grandeur of the past. Especially after the advent of online casinos, this greatness has been mixed with an unprecedented degree of innovation!

Despite this, there is something special about the classic editions. Especially the European and American games. European roulette has the classic layout you probably know: A single green field with zero. In the American version, there are two green zeros. In relation to the course of the game, it makes no difference. In terms of your winnings, it makes a huge difference. The two zeros double the advantage of the roulette casino over you.

So regardless of your preference, I would always recommend you stick to the European version. The best roulette casinos also all have French roulette. However, in my eyes it is nothing special, because it is just the classic European version – but with French names for the different bet forms. Live Roulette on the other hand is something completely unique and special and I would recommend any player to take a look there.

When playing online in general, it is a huge advantage that you are not limited by closing times. The casino is always there and you can always log in when it suits you. In some places there may be some restrictions on the live games because the platform must have real dealers available there, but on the regular RNG game? Always. 365 days a year.

You just need to have an internet connection and you are ready. An advantage is further that at online roulette casinos you have the opportunity to try out the games without betting real money. This is not something that physical casinos do. Demos are widespread and available. And I really recommend that you make use of them before playing “right”. That is, if you do not have the great casino experience. Of course, it’s not as cool an experience as playing for real money. But getting the experience for free can make a difference. As I said earlier on this page:

The vast majority of innovation when it comes to the game here in general… it takes place live. The live roulette games just provide some particularly good framework to be allowed to further develop. Whatever we are talking about, several dealers at once, special camera angles, several games at the same time, re-designed wheels or something completely fifth. Live is where it’s happening at the moment.

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