There are two types of games online that really beat all competing game types with horse lengths. These are table games and slot machines. Table games, such as roulette and blackjack, have been immensely popular for many years and will probably continue to be so in the future. However, the trend is towards the table games losing some ground against the slot machines. Just take a look at the front pages of online casinos to get this confirmed. This is because it is usually only slot machines and video slots that are in focus nowadays!

Even I, who really prefer to play the classic table games, and then especially blackjack, have started to play more and more on slots. I especially appreciate the simplicity of the game idea and it does not hurt that you always have the chance to get a slightly huge return even on very small bets. Once I played home just over 5,000 on a bet of a paltry krona such a return is completely impossible to get in table games, but always fully possible when playing on slot machines.

Slot machines are now available in all different categories and in all possible designs as well as with all conceivable themes. That’s not really that weird. A slot machine can in principle be designed almost exactly anyway and the game makers are free to use any theme for each new slot. There are slots that are about robots, slots with cute dolphins in the lead roles and slots with classic superheroes as themes.

In terms of design, there are two different standards. A slot machine in the shape of a classic slot machine usually always has three reels and a video slot normally has five reels. However, these measurements are not carved in stone. I have come across video slots with up to 15-20 reels and several thousand different ways to win in each spin!

That it is so easy to play on slot machines at, that you as a player have enormous freedom of choice and that the return can be very large in percentage are just three of the reasons why the slot machines are taking over completely at online casinos. A fourth, and probably as important, the reason is that slot machines can sometimes offer progressive, that is, ever-growing, huge jackpots. A progressive jackpot is built on with one or a few percent from each bet placed and soon the winning amounts will amount to huge sums. There are some jackpots online that almost always amount to multimillion dollars and there are lots of players who only play for the small chance of becoming multimillionaires.

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