Buying a scratch card and hoping for a big win is a phenomenon that has existed on the online gaming market for years. You could even call it an institution in online casino gaming, not least as there is a strong connection to the otherwise very strong association life. As digital development has taken over society on almost all levels, scratch cards have also gone from being physical to now being able to be bought, used and won online. This has made accessibility greater. In this section, we go through what online scratch cards mean and how they work.

If you’ve ever bought a physical scratch ticket at your local kiosk or grocery store, you probably know exactly how it works when you scratch a ticket. Often it is about finding winning combinations of symbols or images where different combinations will give different big wins.

In principle, an online scratch card works in exactly the same way and there is really no major difference except that the scratch cards do not exist physically. It’s a digital version and that means, among other things, that you don’t get that nice feeling when you take out your little one-crown to scratch the playing field.

How to play scratch cards online

Register an account with an online casino that has online scratch cards. Go to the game lobby of the online casino to browse the casino games. Find a scratch card to play, load the game and choose your bet level by clicking on plus or minus. Use the mouse pointer or your finger to scratch the lottery ticket in search of winning combinations. The option to have the entire lot scratched by itself is also available. Your winnings will be determined based on which symbols and combinations are scratched on the lottery ticket.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to play scratch cards online and as it is a product that more casinos have wanted to offer their customers, more game developers have also started to develop such games. This means that there are currently many options for those who want to play scratch cards. Just as with physical scratch cards, it is therefore possible to find your own favorites and you are therefore not forced to play only on a certain game developer’s scratch card. The alternatives are considerably more than that.