Roulette Systems to Maximize Your Strategy

There are many roulette systems today in the gambling world. Most roulette systems are basically created from the odds and probabilities of the game because roulette is a game that is mainly based on simple mathematics. If you look at the math of the game for yourself, you will realize that playing with the numbers is not that helpful at all, but for those roulette system sellers, they can make it look and sound good.

The truth is that casino operators don’t care much if you are playing using roulette systems or not. Because those roulette systems you are using just don’t work against them. Just like any game in the casino, the advantage is always in favor of the casino in the long run. But this doesn’t conclude that roulette systems are totally worthless.

You can look for an online roulette system that is effective for you and that you enjoy using, but don’t expect that roulette system to work every time you play. There is no doubt that there are roulette systems that can enhance your play but do understand that there are no roulette systems that are effective enough to remove the house edge of roulette.

Here are two roulette systems that you can use to help you in maximizing your playing strategy.

This is a quick-win roulette system and this is how to do it. You need to choose seven numbers and place one unit of wager on each number. If all the numbers lose, bet again on them up to the maximum of three times. If you don’t win at any of them, then you have to move on.

But if you win, you can distribute your winnings on the same seven numbers making the bet five units on each number. If you win again, distribute your winnings once again and after the third bet, it is time to quit and walk away from the roulette table. The highest possible losses will be 21 units and the highest possible winnings will be 945 units.

If you prefer to have a longer playing time at the roulette table, then you can use this roulette system that will give you a slow win. The basis for this roulette system is the columns of the roulette table where each column consists of 12 numbers. The first column has six black and six red numbers, the second column has four red and eight black numbers, and the third column has four black and eight red numbers.

If you choose to bet on red, then you must also place a bet of the same amount in the second column. If you choose to bet on black, then you must also place a bet of the same amount on the third column. If only the color wins, you’ll get even money. If only the column wins, you have one unit gain. If both color and column win, you have three units gain. Just keep using the roulette system until you are ahead and then quit. The only winning roulette system is to know how to quit at the right time.

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