Roulette inside bets

Roulette inside bets

Most roulette systems are designed to be used on outside bets. The reason is very simple: outside bets have a higher chance of winning, therefore they allow you to work out a strategy more easily, based on a mathematically higher number of winning spins than inside bets. On the other hand, the higher odds are offset by significantly lower winning amounts than inside bets. For this reason, some players aiming to hit the biggest prizes available on the table use a roulette system on inside bets.There are several strategies, however the most common roulette system on inside bets is the one involving single numbers on the table. Each single number has a chance of winning 1/37 in French Roulette and 1/38 in American roulette.

Those who apply a roulette system to inside bets using single numbers are based on the idea, which is not supported by mathematical rules, that each number must be drawn after at least 37 times, for the French version, or 38 times, for the French version. the American version. The goal must be to prolong the game session long enough to be able to see the chosen number drawn.In this sense, players choose a fixed number on the roulette wheel to always bet the same amount on. To better understand how this roulette system works on inside bets, let’s take an example. We are at a French roulette table and our lucky number is 10. For this reason, we decide to work out the strategy on 10. We decide to bet € 1 always on 10.

We have up to 35 spins available before our bet. from 1 € it becomes obsolete causing a net loss even in the event of a winning spin. For this reason, if after the 35th spin the number 10 has not yet been drawn, it is necessary to double the bet to € 2. If the 36th round is a loser, the player continues to bet € 2 until the 53rd round. At this point it is necessary to wager € 3 to avoid net losses.As you can see, the further you continue with the system, the higher the stake becomes for a lower total number of spins.

We started by betting € 1 on 35 spins, then € 2 on 18 spins and € 3 is enough for only 10 spins, before having to increase to € 4 to compensate for the losing streak and previously accumulated spending. There is no mathematical certainty that the number is drawn after a certain number of spins, for this reason the player could find himself playing for 100, 200 or 500 spins without ever seeing his number.Depending on the initial amount chosen, the casino’s maximum bet limit could be reached, however, this is usually less likely than using other roulette systems such as the martingale, where the bet amounts follow a sequence that grows much more quickly.

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