Roulette Casino Game

Roulette Casino Game

Roulette uses a roulette table, a roulette wheel, chips and one or more balls . Those balls are metal. As mentioned, there are many variants of roulette. In this game explanation the game of European roulette is discussed. If that is relevant, it will broadly state what the differences are with another very popular variant, American Roulette . The roulette wheel consists of boxes numbered 0 to 36. The number zero has a green color. The other numbers are alternately red and black. On the roulette table are pockets, divided over five columns. The spaces are intended for placing chips on them for the bet. How, that will be explained later. The boxes of the first three columns are the same size and contain the numbers from the roulette wheel.

The zero is in a special place, namely in one large box above the first three columns. The last two columns are also divided into boxes. If you bet on one of those boxes, you choose a combination of numbers. Further on it will be explained which choices you have in those two columns. Roulette can be played with a large and a small chance of winning. With a high chance of winning, the amount you can win is low and with a small chance of winning, a high amount can be won. There are special terms for that. With a small chance of winning and a high profit, one speaks of an inside bet. A large chance of winning with a low profit is called an outside bet.

So far we have only talked about European roulette. That is the most common variant of the roulette game, but there are many other types. We would like to briefly discuss some of these. The house edge is stated in all these variants, because this partly determines the chances that you as a player have to win something. With a low house edge you have a greater chance of winning as a player. For the highest chance of winning, you should choose a roulette variant with the lowest possible house edge.

That is the most important decision you make in terms of strategy. Preferably choose European or American Roulette. If you can play French Roulette that is even better. No Zero Roulette and Triple Zero Roulette are best avoided, because the home advantage is considerably greater there. Whatever numbers you play for, whether it’s a single number or a color, the odds of winning are virtually identical in any regular roulette game. But because a casino has a house edge, your chance of winning in the long run is always negative.

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