Playing The Slots

Playing The Slots

Most slots players when play casino go crazy and blow all their money after winning a progressive jackpot. Not everyone has the good sense to stay grounded and think about how to spend or save that lucky windfall. I’m not saying you shouldn’t splurge just a little bit, but I do think people should think about their decisions carefully. I hate seeing and reading about cases where people have had a great win and then lost the lot due to poor decisions.

A good move if you’ve made a heap of cash would be to pay everything and everyone you owe. Get any debt out of the way straight away. Or if the jackpot wasn’t as big as you’d hoped, just the more pressing ones. Even if you don’t have much left after that, at least you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with being free of debt. A debt free life is almost a stress frees life right? 🙂

Another option you have would be putting most of the cash in a savings account, or to help out some family members who may need a break.  There’s nothing like the feeling you get from helping and giving. Money, like power, is not meant to be placed in the hands of just one person. If you don’t think you’re up to the responsibility of that kind of money, then enlist the professional advice of a trusted financial advisory and ensure your money is secure and safe for the future.

If you’re intent on getting something luxurious and lets face it, it is great to pamper yourself sometimes. Just make sure you’re getting something that you won’t regret later on. Or at least get something that’s practical, or something. Something like a new car or a new computer, as both can be expensive but the practicality and convenience can make up for the costs outlayed.

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