Playing free slots without a casino account

Playing free slots without a casino account

You may already know that you can play free slots at most online casinos simply by creating an account with them. Of course with most casinos, that means providing some information about yourself as well as an email address. And sometimes even all of that doesn’t work if the casino restricts users from your region.  Sometimes I can get into Casino to play free slots and sometimes I can’t depend whether or not it’s picked up on my IP address.  Part of me wants to contact and explain that where I am playing from shouldn’t matter since I’m not playing for real money. But then I realize that would probably respond that my inability to play their slot games for free isn’t a big issue from their point of view because I can’t decided to play for real money. Yeah, it’s sort of a slot standoff.

But sometimes I find a solution out there that lets me play casino slot games without even visiting an online casino. These are usually sites devoted to slots, but also sites that make arrangements with casino software providers to put actual slot games on their pages.  Not just reviews but playable games. Do you have an idea how happy that makes me?  My discovery of the week is Lucky free slots because they have some of the 3D slots from NetEnt that I haven’t been finding elsewhere. I love the 3D slots since they always include great graphics and fun bonus games.  Right now I think Enchanted Slots is hovering on my list of favorite slot games to play.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, you really should give it a look.

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