Play Free Slots Online: Tricks and Strategies


Online slot machines implement software or algorithm. Which is responsible for giving the positions of the symbols randomly. This is known as RNG. Acronyms in English that mean random number generator. At the moment the roll button is pressed, this algorithm transmits the places in which each one will appear. This makes the game completely random, without any external influence. Thus, it is also in charge of giving the time in which the reels will stop, motivating the surprise in the player.

In order to play free online slot machines, you have to know some basic rules. Which you should always keep in mind. Among them we highlight:

Know the game modalities of the machine in which it will be played. This helps you know what you will find when you start betting. Thus avoiding any kind of surprises of the mechanism.
You must be aware of the payment method since in online free slots there are minimum and maximum bet amounts. Also, the number of lines you want to use, knowing that each one will have a cost. The more lines you have, the more combinations you can win by. But this means that you have to make a high outlay compared to paying only one.
Be smart when playing. Look for slots that have a high return to player percentages, also known as RTP. This given that a higher percentage gives you more probability of winning.
Know the special symbols and how to use them during the game.

Slot Machine Terms to Make Learning Easier

Before playing online slots you should know some concepts that will make it easier for you to understand the game:

RNG: is the algorithm that maintains the random operation of online slots.
RTP: is the percentage of return of money, the higher it is, the higher your chances of winning.
Symbols: these are the elements that give us the winning combinations or not when spinning. Free slot machines have 10 to 12 symbols, but this depends on the theme or version of each one.
Scatter: This is a special symbol. When it appears you will have the chance to get a free spin. Whether or not it appears on the winning line you picked at the start. You just have to wait for it to come out to enjoy the bonus.
Wild: This will give you the opportunity to exchange it for another from your line to complete a meld. His appearance is very positive and will bring joy to your play.
Multiplier: this will allow you to multiply the value of your winnings. Depending on the amount in it. This will be according to each slot machine, it can be x2, x3, among others.
Reels: These are the spinning elements that the symbols are on. When they stop they generate a random combination that may or may not pay out depending on the pay lines available.
Pay lines: they are the ones that appear in the game area, for which you will win, if you get a combination on them. In older models this was only one. But over time many more have been incorporated, to generate higher odds.

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