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The amounts distributed in jackpot games are at a completely different level than the winnings in the base games. This is why players often wonder if an online casino can certainly pay in winnings of more than €10 million. Few companies have millions of euros in their bank accounts but in this case, there is no need to be Big game slot machine manufacturers like NetEnt and Microgaming make sure players make sure they win. Every online casino that wants to keep jackpot games on display pays a certain amount each month into a common pot and huge stakes are distributed from this stack. So the burden never falls on the necks of an individual site, but the money awaits with separate jackpot accounts from the game makers, from which the winnings are paid to the players.

So you don’t have to worry about not getting the money. Mega Moolah, for example, is featured on about a thousand sites, all of which pay their share of the pot maintained by Microgaming. Therefore, the withdrawal restrictions or wagering requirements at the casino do not apply to the main winnings of the Millions games either smaller winnings come from the casino’s own bag, so the normal terms and conditions apply. Thus, your deposit or the amount in your gaming account will never be used for company bills or employee salaries, for example, but will be secured in a separate account.

Can jackpot winnings be predicted?
Casino gaming is always a trade of chance, and big wins are never a matter of course. So no one can ever guarantee that a million win will be right for you but in progressive games, some times to trigger the pot are more likely than others. This is because in the million-dollar lottery, the pot slowly accumulates as players roll it, and all games have an average estimate of when its giant win will click. Let’s take an example of the review of the huge profits shared by Mega Moolah:

The average win for the game is €5,225,655.
In the light of history, the pot has been split on average every eight weeks.
The estimate is based on 62 wins shared throughout the game’s history.

During this year, the winnings have been distributed much more often, as players are rolling that game really hard. However, in the light of the statistics, we can therefore recommend that you start playing the slot when the payout rises to the right of EUR 4.5 million or seven weeks after the win At the time of writing, as many as 13 weeks have passed since the previous jackpot win in that game and the pot is almost €16 million. The amount goes up a wild ride every day as there are more and more players all the time.

So there is already confirmed the fourth biggest win in history, now if ever there was a right time to play. It works in the same way in the other direction. When the pot is triggered very soon, it won’t pop up again in the very same week, as the jackpot must first grow progressively again for a short time before a new surprise is dealt. We have listed all the most popular jackpot games below and we will also write down the average payout and payout interval to let you know what to keep an eye on.

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