Play Card Games

Play Card Games

One of the most popular card games for both children and adults is the casino. It can be played either in singles or alternatively in groups of 3-4 people. The purpose of the casino is to collect as many cards as possible from the table, as well as certain groups of cards. The game has a good chance of tactics. The casino is played with a regular deck with no jokers at all

The cards are dealt in a way that is typical of a casino game: first two cards to the frontman, then two cards to the dealer, then two cards to the right of the table. This is repeated, and the end result is four cards for all players as well as the table. Once the cards in the hand have been played, new cards are dealt with by both players in the same way. No cards will be dealt with on the table after the first deal.

The game is to grab cards from the table either so that the card is the same as the drawcard in the hand or so that the total of the cards on the table corresponds to the card in the hand. The dude corresponds to the number 11, the Akka 12 and the king 13. The ace is in the hand 14 and the table has 1. There are two value cards in the game: a pot second corresponding to the number 15 and a square ten corresponding to the number 16. At the table, both cards are worth their eyes.

The rules of the casino are quite simple. If there is a hole and a checker on the table, for example, you can take this combination with an ace. If there is a seven on the table, get it with a seven. When a player takes cards from the table, he puts the cards he has taken and the taken card in his hand in front of him in a stack. If a player is able to clean the entire table with one take, he gets a cottage. This is symbolized by a card inserted inside the stack.

If a player cannot or for some reason does not want to take any cards from the table, he has to put one of the cards in his own hand on the table. A player should never put a card on the table that forms a combination of points with another card, i.e. 14, 15, or 16 – unless he himself intends to redeem that combination on the next turn. The game ends when the cards run out. The last card taker gets the cards left on the table. Now it’s the turn of the points, and you get them from the largest number of cards, the number of dams, the ace, and the value of cards games. The game is played until one of the players gets 16 points. If the limit is broken during the game, the game ends there.

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