With the above odds in the back of your mind, it is smart to bet on the bank as the winner as it usually gives a profit. For variety, and for the chance to win more money, you can also bet on the player as the winner. Something you should never do is bet on a draw – it’s usually a waste of money even though it’s the bet that can pay the best.

Our tip is to bet on the bank as the winner. It is most beneficial, even if it feels strange to bet against yourself. Another form of strategy is trying to predict which hand will win next. We tell you more about this system below. Many players have a theory about something called baccarat pattern or baccarat trend spotting and several books have even been written on the subject. This strategy means that you document the results of previous hands and base your bets on those statistics.

To keep track of how many hands have been won by the player, the bank or have been decided, a kind of scoreboard is used. Casinos are perfectly ok with this strategy and if you visit a land-based casino, you can even borrow paper and pen for this purpose. If you play online, there are grids to download that you can use. However, this is not a method that gives more profits according to us at casino game. Previous hands have absolutely nothing to do with future hands. This is also why casinos have no problem with players using this type of protocol – it has no impact on the casino game at all. But for those of you who are curious, we show some of the different methods used to predict patterns in baccarat.

You start at the top left and place a gem with the color corresponding to which hand won and then continue straight down. When that row is full, you continue on the next row at the top. It actually shows exactly the same thing as the pearl plate but with a difference. When there is a change in who wins, you switch rows. If there is a tie after the bank has won, a green line is drawn through the red marking and the row is changed. Most people who use this method draw circles in the different colors blue and red, and draw lines with green when there is a tie.