Play slot machines for free

We offer players the best opportunities to play for free, sometimes even with a bonus or free spins. How then, you wonder? We’ll explain that here! By clicking on the Casino Bonuses tab, which you will find on the site’s main menu, you get access to all our exclusive online casino free spins. As one of the leading online casino guides, we have the privilege of negotiating better deals and more fun promotions than what you find at the casino itself or at other online guides even if it is a casino without a license.

By opening your account and making your first deposit (which is made in an instant at a casino without registration), our first-class slot machines automatically drop bonuses into your gaming account. It’s not harder than that! If you want to test a casino, before you sign up for it, you can often try out the casino first. We present some of the casino bonuses that you can pick up after you have finished the free entertainment and are fully ready to start playing for real so that you also have the chance to win real money!

One of our most popular bonuses used to be not entirely surprising bonuses without deposit requirements. With the new gaming law that came into force, these bonuses are prohibited. The best bonuses today are instead bonuses without wagering requirements. With them, your winnings are pure money that you can withdraw immediately if you want. In general, you can only get a welcome bonus at a casino with a license. It is only at casinos without a license that it is possible to get more bonuses, such as High Roller casino bonuses and Microgaming casino bonuses. However, there are some risks involved in playing at these casinos, most notably the risk of playing too much. As long as you choose to play for free, however, there are no problems!

Can you win real money when playing slot machines with play money?
No, there is no chance of winning real money if you play slot machines with play money. The only chance to win for real when you play for free is if you play with a bonus or free spins. If it is a casino with a license, you must first make a deposit to get your bonus. Once you play with the bonus, however, it is free money. If you win, just check if there is a wagering requirement on the bonus. In that case, you have to deposit and play for more money before you can withdraw the winnings. If, on the other hand, it is a non-turnover bonus or non-turnover free spins, you can withdraw any winnings in pure money.

Free slots games

You do not need to register or download anything, but you play slot machines for free directly here on our site without any requirements at all. This can also be called free casino games without a deposit. It is a perfect way to try out different slots games to find your favorite and learn more about the betting opportunities and bonuses that different slot machines have. Or maybe just for fun to entertain you? You will find slot machines for free from all the best manufacturers of slot machines. In this way, you can find which manufacturer makes the slot machines you like the most.

Slot machines for free without deposit or registration
Above you will find all popular slot machines from our casino partners and their gaming providers. Rival and Betsoft are major suppliers of 3D slot machines, while Novomatic is most specialized in classic slot machines. In total, over 500 casino games are waiting here with us and all are completely free. You do not need to register, make a deposit or download any software to access our slot machines for free.

Play free slot machines even on mobile
You can play slots for free directly in the browser. Many of the games are also mobile-friendly, so you can quickly and easily take part in a mobile casino on your mobile. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy free entertainment anytime and anywhere. In addition to having fun playing slots online for free, you will also be able to find your absolute favorites. This entails two things. On the one hand, you know for sure that the castles are worth your time and money, and on the other hand, you learn the rules of the game in current machine games for free. You become familiar with scattering, wild and other important slot machine symbols.

You also get a close look at how the bonus games are activated and how other functions work. You see if you have the opportunity to win a jackpot, which some games offer. This in turn means that once you play slot machines for real money at online casinos, you may have greater chances of winning than if you had played the slots for the very first time. Take the time to spin around properly on our many different free slot machines online. Why not try games you might not have tried otherwise? Maybe you will be surprised by lesser-known game providers or you will eventually realize that it is classic slot machines, video slots or 3D slots that are your thing.

Different payment methods

At most casinos, you see that there are many different payment methods to choose from. You usually see them as logos at the bottom of the site or inside. Before you choose which online casino you want to start playing at, it is important to make sure that they approve the payment method that suits you best. The payment methods you can choose from include cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers.

Examples of debit cards and bank cards are VISA and MasterCard. Examples of e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller and PayPal and on prepaid cards Paysafecard and Ukash. With Zimpler, you can pay in several different ways, such as through bank transfers.

Another option for bank transfer is Trustly which is perhaps the fastest method today. You also have the opportunity to pay via mobile with, for example, Siru Mobile, even if this particular method of deposit is not so popular among players. One of the newest services is Swish. With this method, you swish your money into your gaming account in just a few seconds.

Why is it important to learn about different payment options?
Before you decide to deposit money and start playing, it is important that you learn about the different payment options offered today. Because there are so many payment methods to choose from at online casinos, it is important that you find the exact method you prefer. What determines which method you choose can be about how much information you need to provide for the casino, such as personal information and account information, or if there are any fees for deposits or withdrawals. The time of a transfer can play a crucial role as well. For some players, it is important to be able to get their money out immediately while others do not care if it takes a few days.

Are our payment methods at online casinos secure?
If you play at a casino with a license, all payment methods are completely secure. Both sensitive information such as personal information, account numbers and the like as well as money are kept in safe custody. In addition, you never have to pay expensive exchange fees because all games are kronor. You also do not have to pay taxes. If, on the other hand, you choose a casino without a license, you may not feel as safe. You can then not know if the payment methods are secure and may also need to pay tax on your winnings.

What is Sic Bo

Have you heard of Sic Bo? If you do not have the chance to play Sic Bo at online casinos, it is a very entertaining casino game. Therefore, we obviously want to be able to offer you the very best casino bonuses we have been able to find. According to experts, Sic Bo is similar to the Asian version of Roulette, and we can do nothing but agree. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that Sic Bo first became popular in China, of which the other is a little less well-known name “Tai sai”. The game principles are almost the same as in Roulette, but instead of a Roulette wheel and a Roulette ball, three dice are used that are shaken in a small chest, and then the chest is opened and reveals the value of the dice.

How we choose our top 10 casino bonuses
We work with a number of well-known online casinos to be able to provide you with the very best and most exclusive bonuses. It is required that an online casino can provide its players with a wide and varied range, good customer service and of course be completely safe to use. We always make sure to offer a varied list of offers so that all types of players can find the bonus that matches their specific needs and wishes, and we offer bonuses for both slot machines and table games, as well as bonuses for special occasions, such as birthdays. By choosing a casino bonus from our list, you do not have to spend time doing research you can always trust that you will find a beneficial and often even exclusive bonus at

Keno Bonuses
Do you like to play different lottery games? Then you must not miss playing Keno. When you choose to play Keno at an online casino, you do not have to wait for the daily draw, as there is a large number of draws daily. These casinos offer casino bonuses to play with:

Keno and Bonuses: Almost 10 years ago, could you have imagined playing Keno at an online casino? Did you anticipate that? Today we can see that many Keno players choose to play via their computer at an online casino instead of going down to an ATG office and turning on the TV. It has actually decreased to play the traditional game.

We can see that Keno via online casinos is increasing significantly and many players choose this option. It has not yet become so popular a game that an online casino gives out a special bonus just for Keno games. You can find other bonuses where it is written in the terms and conditions that you can use this bonus for Keno games and you can also see what percentage goes to turn over the bonus. You may need to check if the bonus is available for Keno each time as there are different terms.

Above you can see a table of the online casinos that offer you to play with your bonus on Keno games and you can also see that these bonuses have better wagering requirements than some other bonuses that you can find on other sites. As always the bigger the deposit you make the higher the casino bonus you will get up to the limit it is set. You can see what limit each bonus has.

Casino Bonus Online

Most online casinos offer casino bonuses. A welcome bonus is something players get from casinos, most often towards a performance such as that you must first make a deposit. Some casinos choose not to offer any types of bonuses, which you will be able to read more about as well.

What are casino bonuses really?
Bonuses are exactly what it sounds like, a bonus from the casino to you. It gives your wallet an extra boost and you get extra money to play for. It is not difficult to find online casino bonuses, many casinos offer them. Since the gaming license came into force today, you can only find so-called welcome bonuses. Previously, casinos could offer an unlimited amount of bonuses to all their players, but with the restriction imposed by the legislation, they no longer have the opportunity to do so.

There is an incredible amount of competition between different casinos and to stand out and offer something special, many choose to offer a welcome bonus in connection with account registration. The bigger it is, the easier it is to attract players. But you as a player must also play responsibly.

Casino bonuses always come with rules
As I said, there are many different casino bonuses to choose from and it is important that you find the best bonus offer for you. Some players secure a large bonus while others settle for a smaller amount. The most important thing is that you always read the rules and conditions, as it is in them that you will find the so-called turnover requirement. A wagering requirement is how many times you must wager your money before it is released from the bonus and becomes available for withdrawal. It is not uncommon for large bonus amounts to come with higher turnover amounts. Therefore, it can sometimes be better to receive a smaller bonus amount, but with a realistic wagering requirement.

Find your best casino bonus with us
Receiving a casino bonus means you get extra money to play for. Good casino bonuses come with a realistic wagering requirement, where you actually have a chance to withdraw your bonus money after the wagering requirement is met. The best casino bonus should be easy to take advantage of. We offer you bonuses from different casinos that are easy to take advantage of. Depending on how big the bonus is, you get different amounts to play for. A bonus of 100% doubles your deposit, while a bonus of 400% for example gives you 4 times your deposit. All casinos offer different types of bonuses and their sizes. In our tables, you can quickly and easily see what the different sites have to offer and what the turnover requirement is.

Casinos without registration

3 facts about casinos without registration
Is there a casino without an account: A casino without an account exists, but the importance of a casino without an account is not that you do not play with an account? This means instead that you do not have to open an account in a separate step before you can deposit money. You just deposit money right away and can start playing.

Casino without account and casino without registration: In practice, a casino without an account and a casino without registration at are the same things. To start playing, you deposit money and can start live, without first having to fill in personal information, contact information and more.

Are casinos with Bank IDs and casinos without accounts the same thing! BankID and casinos without an account are usually the same things. The only difference is that sometimes at a BankID casino you must first register and then be able to make your first deposit. At a casino without an account, however, you always make a deposit directly, without the step of registration.

What is a casino without an account?
Let’s start by saying that a casino without an account is not really without an account. When you play at a casino, you always open an account at the casino. There you can save your money in a safe way. This means that you can take a break from gambling and then come back and play without having to withdraw the money each time. So what does it mean then that it is a casino without an account? This simply means that you do not have to go through a separate step to open an account or register at the casino. You make a deposit instead and can start playing immediately, without having to go through another step.

How does an online casino work without registration?
An online casino without registration works in the above smooth way thanks to BankID. When you confirm your deposit with BankID, this is enough for the casino to confirm your identity at the same time. This is why you do not have to fill in personal information. This is also what means that you do not have to send in confirmation documents at a later stage if you want to withdraw your money from such a casino without a BankID account. In addition to this, an online casino without registration works in the same way as all other casinos. It’s just even more secure, as you do not provide information that could go wrong neither personal information nor bank information.

Can you get a bonus at an online casino without registration?
Yes, you can get a bonus at the casinos without registration that offers one. Given that you state your BankID, the casino can still know that it is your first deposit and thus offer you a casino without a registration bonus. A casino without an account bonus and another welcome bonus are exactly the same.

Payment methods at a casino without registration
The payment methods that are approved at non-registered casinos are those that are confirmed with BankID. The most common method is a casino without an account Trustly, which can also be called Trustly Pay N Play. Some casinos without an account also accept Zimpler.

What is an Online Casino?

An online casino is simply a site that offers online casino games. There are lots of online casinos today. In addition, casino games are available at any time, around the clock. If you play on a mobile, you can also access the games anywhere. Namely, you can play either with an internet connection via wi-fi or on the mobile network. You can play many different types of games at online casinos. It is most popular to play slots. These come in lots of different designs, with varying themes and features. The second type of game is a classic casino, such as poker, blackjack and roulette. These games are also available in many different variants. You will also find them both as regular casino games and at live casinos with live dealers.

How do you choose the best online casino?

In order to choose the right online casino, the most important thing is that you first decide what is most important to you. You will probably not find any online casino that suits you perfectly. Therefore, you need to decide what is most important to you and what you can compromise on. Remember that you can always change casinos. This means you can test a casino. If you are satisfied, you can continue to play on it. If you are dissatisfied with something, just withdraw your money and try the next casino instead.

Online casino with BankID

With the new gaming license, all online casinos must use Bank ID. Some casinos offer Pay’n Play, while others still use regular registration. Regardless of which registration type is used, Bank-ID offers a safe and secure registration. It also goes fast considering that it is a so-called online casino without an account. The difference lies in how long the process takes. If it is an online casino BankID, you can know that it is a casino with a gaming license. This in turn means that you are always guaranteed tax-free profits, which of course is a great advantage.

Online Casino Bonus

Some sites offer online casinos free spins or the occasional bonus. Before you just pick up the bonus and start playing with it right away, it is important that you read the terms and conditions. It is good to know how long the bonus is valid, which games you can use it in and if there is a wagering requirement. Unfortunately, a wagering requirement often means that it does not pay to try to withdraw any winnings from the bonus.

New Casino

Be happy in your new casino! Compare new casino sites and get help choosing from all the new online casinos. Here you will find updated information for you who are looking for a new casino online. We list all new casinos online and guide you to the best and latest launched casino 2022! Whether you are looking for a new casino bonus, good customer support, new casino games and secure payment methods, all this is available at the new casinos.

New Casino 2022

New online casinos are constantly being launched and casino has developed at a rapid pace in recent years. As more and more players want to be given a chance to win money online and at the same time play responsibly, they are to the new casino with a license that has topped the lists online.

Choosing to register in a new casino with a gaming license is not only the safest way to play casino online. The license for the new online casinos that are awarded by the Gaming Inspectorate, gives you as a player, among other things, tax-free casino winnings at This is a unique competitive advantage that new casinos have, and which contributes to more people actually choosing to register games in the new casinos on the market, over licensees without a gaming license. Increased security and safer online gaming are the watchwords today at all new online casinos.

To you who are players who are looking for a new casino, we have done our best to give you as much information as possible that can help you navigate right in the jungle online with new casinos. Choosing a new casino can feel a little overwhelming for many, as there are so many casinos to choose from. That is why we have created this page where we test and evaluate all new casinos online.

It is important to understand that just because an online casino is new, does not automatically mean that it is a good casino. Be careful not to end up with a casino with bad ratings and reviews and choose only the best online casinos that have received the highest rating from our experts and the casinos listed here.

The best thing about new casinos

If you choose to play in a new casino, there are many things you can expect from the casino, but as a player, you should also make some demands on your new casino so that you can actually end up at the best online casino, and not some casino like have received bad reviews or low ratings. In addition to all-new casinos entering the market must have a gaming license to operate and legally be able to market a new casino online, there are more things that you will only find at the newest casinos that may be worth to you as a new player and customer to keep track of. Here we go through what is the very best with all the new online casinos that are currently available and are open to new customers and members who register.

About free spins

Although slots are only about spins, did you know that sometimes you can spin these reels for free? Thanks to a combination of bonuses and free spins, you can actually play some of the best slots on the market without having to spend a single penny. And as if free spins on slots themselves were not generous enough, you can also win real cash that is not tied to any specific wagering requirement!

This guide only focuses on casinos that offer free spins, how they work and why you need them. But let’s start with a brief introduction and take a look at where you can take advantage of the latest free spins offers. In fact, most top-rated online casinos offer different types of slots bonuses in one way or another. These can either include regular free spins, free spins bonuses or various slots competitions.

Some casinos place more emphasis on slots bonuses than others, but in general, almost all casinos have at least some form of bonus to offer at regular intervals. So if you are looking for the latest and most lucrative offers for free spins today, we at are your best guide!

What are free spins?
Free spins are really just what it sounds like a bonus that gives you a number of free spins on one or more selected slots. Basically, free spins do not differ from other types of free bets in the gaming world. Let’s take an example: If you were to receive a $50 bonus to spend on blackjack, this bonus money could be used on a limited range of games.

The same goes for free spins on slots. Then you will also get a certain number of spins dedicated to one or more specific games. The big difference is really just that free spins are a bit more structured than the offers for free games. With a $50 blackjack bonus, you can choose to bet as much or as little as you want on an individual game round. You may decide to place $10 on five different rounds of play, or reduce the size of the bet to $5 and make 10 bets per occasion. Free spins do not work quite as flexibly. The value of a spin is locked. The value usually ranges between $1 and $10. This means that if you get 10 free spins, for example, you will have to play through all these 10 spins.

Slots have winnings that can be worth as much as 1,000x your bet, or even more. So even if you can not adjust the size of the bet to the same extent as on-the-table games, your potential payback on free spins is clearly higher than it would be with another type of free game. That is exactly why the operators offer it. Casinos are designed to be entertaining, but they are also business-oriented. If you are offered the opportunity to play a popular slot for free, with a chance to win prizes worth 10,000 kronor or more, you will surely want to take it!

New casinos online

New casinos appear at regular intervals and there are a large number of casinos to choose from. Usually, a new casino is better in some areas than those that have been for a while, although of course there are exceptions here as well. What usually distinguishes a new casino is a modern design, a large selection of games and generous welcome bonuses.

How many new casinos will be released in 2022?
2022 will most likely be similar to the previous years after the gaming license was introduced when it comes to new casinos. These years are characterized by a clearly slower pace of new launches than before the game rules. As usual, we will review all the latest casinos on, so stay tuned here during the year to be first with the latest.

What do we have to expect from the casino year 2022? We believe in more casinos from the industry giants, more players with Pay’N Play with fast registration, and addition continued renovations of several of the older casinos that have not kept up when it comes to design and range. Here we expect them to continue to approach the competition in the range of casino games and that they may even surprise when it comes to bonuses.

Focus on mobile games
In a market with a larger range than is clear, it is close to the requirement to also offer mobile-adapted casinos for a freer gaming experience. Today, there are various opportunities for companies to provide this function. HTML5 technology is a technology used to adapt a website to smaller screens e.g. mobile or tablet. Non-mobile pages will e.g. not zoom and scroll as they should, leading to a messy overall experience. Customizing the gaming page or offering a downloadable app to use via iOS or Android are usually the most popular options. A downloadable app should be free to download and should include the ability to play for free before deciding.

Games with responsibility & safety
Profiling oneself as responsible and reliable is becoming more and more of a trend in connection with the market growth. It may sound like the most obvious thing in the world, that you as a new player want a safe and secure gaming experience. Most casinos are relatively secure, so it is primarily a matter of how the companies convey their responsibility. Gambling addiction is a real problem and if a site seems to take responsibility, through links to gambling addiction help, with game breaks, self-tests, game limits and cooling-off periods and guides for people with problems, the site can be seen as more reliable than the alternatives. Great focus on the customer’s health seems to be a trend that is spreading more and more among newly started casinos.

To focus on responsibility, maybe a sales ploy but it does not detract from the importance of the service being increasingly seen as a matter of course for new companies to build their brand around. Some online casinos put extra gunpowder on profiling themselves as responsible, which also seems to resonate in the market.