Over the years, the slot machine has undergone a huge evolution. Intercontinental star of all online and land-based casinos, the modern version will give you a moment of epic entertainment. Variants, rules and winning strategies, discover everything about the online slot machine in this section.

Types of online slot machines

3 Reel slot machine – let’s start with the father of all slot machines the one with 3 reels. Previously, 3-reel games were only available in land-based casinos. Currently, they are among the online slot games with real money at diaspora-game.com. That said, instead of operating a lever to start the mechanism, you have to press a button like for fire joker from play’n go. Symbols then parade on the 3 reels and form a winning series with a little luck. In addition, very advantageous features are usually integrated into slots, even for only 3 reels.

5 Reel slot – for now, let’s focus on the evolution of online slot design. Now we have come to the 5 reel slots stage. Let’s take the example of mega moolah the witch’s moon, an original creation from the publisher Microgaming. This slot machine offers more winning potential with its 2 additional reels. Moreover, this format is the most widespread in the world of casino games. Thus, you benefit from a wider grid and a range of winning formations.

3d slot machine – game developers have quickly realized that graphics also play a major role in this sector. 3d slot machines were then born with their very realistic images and animations. For that, take a look at no-limit city’s the creepy carnival. With a 360° vision, vr headsets transport you to a completely different online slot machine universe. Netent is also the leader in this virtual reality with its successful slot gonzo’s quest.

Progressive jackpot slot machine – let’s continue our great momentum and learn the principle of a progressive jackpot. Some slot machine games are actually equipped with this feature. What does it consist of? In short, a portion of a player’s bet is removed in order to inflate the online slot’s prize pool. Therefore, the more active the players, the higher the reward. In the end, a lucky winner will win this huge prize and the counter will be reset until another lucky one finds the right combination. If the idea seduces you, try the experience on Fortuno, designed by Yggdrasil gaming, on online slots casinos.

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