Online Slots to Play

Online Slots to Play

In your typical land based casino, there will be a hundreds of slots machines. That’s a rough estimate of the minimum number of slots you’d find, anyway. The real number is probably significantly larger. The number has to be that way to accommodate the near-countless people that are taking their sweet time in figuring out which machines to play on. 🙂 However, if you believe the selection process is the same for all casinos , you would have to think again. The reality is that the process of picking a slot to play in the ‘real world’ is different from picking one in the virtual world.

In a real casino, you’d pick the machines you want to play on. Each machine has a different payout percentage and hit frequency. Such details are up to you to figure out, though most people rely on their instincts and preconceived notions of what “tight” and “loose” machines will look like. This is the standard procedure for picking out a slot to play on if you are in say Vegas, Monte Carlo, Reno, or wherever. If you play slots on the Internet, however, the choice of game is secondary to the choice of casino. While not all the games have the same technical statistics, picking the casino you choose to play at often comes out to be more important.

For example, not all casinos can be trusted to pay you when you win, so be sure to sign up for an online casino that you can trust. Being able to see a casino and determining the chances of that website actually giving you the money you’re due is a skill that all online gamblers, not just the slots players, need to possess. On OST you can rest assured we only advertise trusted casinos. I mean we work with the staff to be able to bring you the slot tournaments that you see on this site so we have already established a good relationship with the casino owners. When you take part in the online slot tournaments, you are able to play any slot machine at the casino and be in the running to win the cash prizes.

Tips in Playing Progressive Slots

I’ve watched a couple of progressive slots winners go crazy after the realization of their win had sunk in. They can be quite hilarious but definitely understandable and I’m sure I would also throw some wacky feat  and do a crazy dance should I ever hit a Progressive Jackpot 🙂

You know, there’s something about these progressive slots that changes the lives of many slots players. For those who have won at some time, it is of course, their bank accounts!!

But for the average joe slot player who keeps on playing, it’s their bankroll limits that change. These can go higher or lower, depending on which streak they have in playing.

I know that you’ve read so many slots strategies before and maybe what I’ll be putting in here would be nothing new to you, but I’m still going to say it anyway lol.

It’s a given to have maximum bets if you’re playing progressives, and you should also check if your bankroll limit would allow you to bet as much as the machine’s maximum bet.

It’s no use betting small and winning small amount in my opinion. You would never forgive yourself if the winning combination lined up and you had a measly bet on!

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