Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Layout of every casino roulette table is similar irrespective of you being at a live event or an online one. Roulette board has been of the same design, ever since its inception in the early part of the nineteenth century. The numbers in casino roulette are laid in 3 rows having 12 columns. You have the option of betting in couple of areas. You have the option of betting on numbers or choosing a specific color, bet or number grouping.

While on casino roulette table of online casinos, you get specialty chips (different from the regular casino ones). These chips are of a single color and helps in separating yours from what your opponents have. In case you are at a live event, you have the option of cashing out the chips, once you are through with playing the game. However, in case of online casinos , they are automatically done in most cases.

You should also know that there are cases of every Roulette table having minimum and maximum betting options. You should try to keep your buy-ins far from the minimum and maximum bets. Remember, if you are too close to the minimum, you will have to buy again and again, thus distracting you from planning a strategy in the game. Again, a bigger buy-in may lead to you being in such a situation where you may lose everything in a single move. Try to divide your buy-ins in such a manner that you can make maximum use of whatever opportunities are available at the table.

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